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North Korean defector who became a celebrity in South Korea returns to North Korea

By mkim93   Sunday, July 16, 2017   171,285   629   58



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According to an exclusive by Joongang Ilbo, on July 16, a former defector of North Korea appeared on a North Korean propaganda media called 'Our Nation'. This individual used to go by the name of Im Ji Hyun back in South Korea and was a celebrity, starring on a show called 'South and North Korean Women' (clip below). On the North Korean propaganda show, she is now referred to as Jeon Hye Sung. When she used to go by Im Ji Hyun back in South Korea, she introduced herself as someone who used to be in the People's Forces Command in North Korea. But also spoke about the things she and many had to do while in North Korea.

In 'Our Nation,' she can be seen being interviewed with the title 'The truth revealed by Jeon Hye Sung, who used to promote anti-DPRK propaganda'. Jeon Hye Sung introduced herself, "I left North Korea back in January of 2014, and now returned just last month." She continued, "I imagined that I could eat well and make a lot of money but the reality was I drifted around bars and various places that only drained me physically and mentally. I wanted to make money and act so I appeared on TV shows, becoming an artist was my dream when I was young."

The interviewer asked about the process in which Jeon Hye Sung took to get into broadcasting to which she replied, "I met an individual (Park) who got me to take an exam (audition) for a program. I received a call in December 2016 that told me I was accepted...I couldn't say anything except what was on the script...they attracted North Korean defector women to appear on the air." She focused heavily on the problem of South Korea's media platforms. 

Jeon Hye Sung spoke more, "My life in South Korea was lonely. I missed my parents. I told my fellow defectors that I was going to return to North Korea but they told me that I would be killed for what I did back in South Korea." Once again, she highlighted that her return to North Korea was based on her own will and choice. 

In reaction to her recent shocking appearance in the North Korean propaganda medium, people have commented the following, "Is she a spy...?", "I knew something like this was going to happen", "Oh now it's possible to just walk in and out of North Korea as they please? lol", "After donating so much money to her so she can live well here, she used it to get plastic surgery? lol okay", "Did she get captured when she went to China and is now being forced to be on this to say what she is saying?", "She's probably a double agent", and much more.

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