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South Korea's Pride: Major TV news channels praise BTS's V (Kim Taehyung) for elevating national prestige

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, has been making headlines once again after his first photos wearing the special black counter-terrorism uniform of the Special Duty Team (SDT) was revealed.

For his mandatory military service, Taehyung applied to join the prestigious "Special Duty Team (SDT)," which focuses on counter-terrorism and other special operations. He is currently serving in the 'Double Dragons' unit under the 2nd Division Military Police Unit.

In the photos, Taehyung is participating in urban combat shooting training. He looks fierce while wearing the black SDT uniform, a privilege reserved for members of the Special Forces. Although he is wearing a mask, his intense gaze is enough to intimidate the enemy.

In News1's exclusive report, army officials revealed Taehyung's impressive marksmanship skills, stating that he skillfully handles firearms and hits the target every time he shoots. 

Given the persistent threat posed by North Korea along its border, the South Korean government and its citizens place high importance on their military and the individuals who serve within it.

Major South Korean TV news channels, including SBS, KBS, Channel A, and Yonhap News TV, have all reported on Taehyung's viral photos in the military. They have also highlighted his exemplary skills and the national pride and prestige he has brought to the country.

Channel A News reported: 

"Just look at Mr. V’s fierce eyes, dressed in black like that. He's almost ready to crush his enemy. I think he represents the pride of our soldiers. 

Originally, he was already famous for his strong impression, but even more so since it was revealed that he was wearing an SDT black anti-terrorism combat uniform so coolly and doing shooting training. It is even said that while shooting, he handled firearms very skillfully and hit all the targets. 

Why this is important is that fans all over the world are watching. As fans around the world are sharing the valor of the Korean military, it seems that the public relations effect for our country's military is naturally increasing as its image is being considered."

Similar reports praising Taehyung's movie-star looks in his black uniform, his note-worthy skills in the army, and the national prestige he brings were released by other major news outlets.

SBS News: 

Yonhapnews TV:

KBS News:


On social media, fans also couldn't contain their excitement upon seeing Taehyung in his SDT uniform for the first time. Comments flooded expressing their pride and admiration for him.

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The clout this man has. Media has not stopped talking about him since he enlisted.

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29 days ago

Im so proud of taehyung, i hope he discharged healthy!

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