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Former T-ara member Ahreum simultaneously announces divorce and upcoming second marriage


Ahreum has announced her divorce after four years of marriage and is embarking on a new chapter with a different partner.

On December 10, the former T-ara member took to her personal Instagram to share the news that she is currently in the midst of a divorce lawsuit while simultaneously revealing her plans to remarry.

Her post reads, "I have found someone that I want to be with always. Someone so precious that I didn't want to reveal him. Someone who has brought such genuine love into my life like an aurora that we have decided to openly acknowledge it after careful consideration." 

With a photo, Ahreum introduced her future husband by expressing, "This person has shown me the essence of happiness during times when life left me weary, and perhaps they endured even more than I did. Even in situations where they could face harm, they were the only one who willingly stood by my side when I faced adversity."

She continued, "This person has filled the times when I was in pain about my dreams with hope and excitement, and this person has been very precious and thankful to make all my dreams come true."

Ahreum disclosed, "I am still in the midst of a legal dispute. Even before meeting my current partner, I had endured a great deal of pain. Although there is substantial evidence that I cannot divulge, I will refrain from doing so out of respect for the fact that he is the father of my children. Despite his use of derogatory words towards the end, I believe everything will be fine as long as I remain confident."

In an attempt to clarify her situation, she offered her interpretation of 'cheating' and stated that she and her husband had effectively been separated without the formalities of divorce. She explained, "I define 'cheating' as loving someone while also loving others. I raised my second child alone and lived with the sole purpose of caring for my children for a significant period. It's time for me to enjoy my life now."

She added, "Once the lawsuit concludes, we will register our marriage and honor our promise to get married. While I haven't officially divorced, it was a separation that occurred several years ago, but legal formalities were never completed. I believe additional words are unnecessary."

In her post, Ahreum also announced the establishment of a non-profit organization called the 'Areum Foundation' dedicated to supporting children through philanthropic efforts.

Finally, Areum said, "Precedents don't matter. What's important is the future~ Don't worry. I will take legal action against the haters who don't know the circumstances."

Meanwhile, Ahreum married a non-celebrity in 2019 and welcomed a son the following year, followed by the birth of her second child last year amidst rumors of separation. She also made an appearance on the TVing original show 'Between Marriage and Divorce,' where she openly discussed her struggles with severe depression alongside marital conflicts.

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patrik-k183 pts Sunday, December 10, 2023 3
Sunday, December 10, 2023

She probably would have been better off keeping this for herself and not talk about it......I mean... at least finish the divorse first before talking about marry a new guy.

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Nunza1,222 pts Sunday, December 10, 2023 8
Sunday, December 10, 2023

What a mess. She says they've been separated for a long time but just last year she announced pregnancy so basically they were just sleeping together while separated? And the new guy.. when did she start seeing him? I think she needs time, jumping from a bad marriage into another might not be a smart move. She needs to love herself more before giving love to others.

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