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Fans agree with J.Y. Park about not believing in MBTI for this very reason


Why are netizens agreeing with J.Y. Park about not believing in MBTI?

On an online forum, netizens discussed the much-debated topic of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its credibility. What ignited this buzz was J.Y. Park's recent candid remarks on the popular personality test during an episode of 'Radio Star.' The renowned singer and producer questioned the validity of MBTI, attributing its alleged inaccuracies to the fact that it is purely based on one's own judgment of the self.

Because the test is designed for the users to answer questions about themselves, J.Y. Park and the netizens underscored the inherent subjectivity of the MBTI. Questions like "You do not try to attract people's attention," "You take great care not to make people look bad, even when it is completely their fault," and "You have difficulty understanding other people's emotions" can vary widely in interpretation, depending on one's self-perception.

Netizens agreed with this notion and remarked that one's self-assessment often tends to be one-sided and may not align with how others perceive an individual in reality. To many, MBTI results reflect not so much who one is but rather who they aspire to be or, at the very least, how they perceive themselves.

Comments include:

"Even if someone were to think that they were empaths, that may not really be the case from the perspective of others"
"The way we are perceived is part of our social identity and that is not 100% congruent with who we think we are"
"I might say that I am good at empathizing with others, but others might still feel that I am only empathizing with the things that I know about and not so well with others"
"Everyone has different standards for themselves and for others and so this self-test is not really a valid measure of one's so-called personality"
"I really think that MBTI is just a reflection of one's opinion of one's self and that's why people are often surprised when they hear of their close friends' MBTIs"
"It's never objective or it is at least difficult to be so when trying to judge our own selves"

"It's just a topic for small talk...I find it surprising that so many people actually subscribe to this seriously"

"It's not possible to judge ourselves accurately..."
"For example, 'F' types may think they are being understanding of others but they might simply be the type to be more offended when others don't look out for them"
"Some 'T' people at times say that they can't be emotionally understanding of others 'simply because they are a 'T'...it's just another tool to create an excuse"

"I wish people would stop asking what my MBTI is..."
"I have never agreed with an opinion more"
"Lol I've literally seen a good friend of mine who chose the complete opposite answers from the way I saw her"

"It's like putting people into boxes like those fake info about blood types..."

What are your thoughts?

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BAEKedgoods404 pts Saturday, December 9, 2023 11
Saturday, December 9, 2023

And.. Wait for it... Wait for it...

the same goes for horoscopes 🤫

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tyger116,810 pts Saturday, December 9, 2023 4
Saturday, December 9, 2023

MTBI & *especially* blood type personality are bogus as hell. But at least with MBTI it's interesting to know how people see themselves.

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