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Maison 21G and Apink's Eunji to launch 'Travelog' themed perfume collection

Premium boutique Maison 21G announced their collaboration with Apink's Eunji to present a special fragrance of Eunji through her 'Travelog' petite collection.

In line with the brand's concept of "We Create Your Scent," Maison 21G revealed that it was created by Eunji herself with the aid of professional scent designers at the Cheongdam-dong Atelier store.

In particular, the fragrance was enough to satisfy the five senses of fans and customers who visited the concert hall, as Maison 21G shared this spatial scent at the concert hall of Eunji's 'Travelog concert.'

In line with the Travelog concert, Travelog's fragrances designed by Maison 21G and Eunji could be experienced at the concert site, evoking feelings of 'walking', relaxation, and resting in nature. In addition, the limited edition petit collection was available for fans to try in advance at the concert, which received a great response and was met with many positive reviews.

In line with the Travelog theme, Maison 21G and Eunji will launch the petite collection with four fragrances that will make you feel like you are in the middle of nature. A total of four Eau de Parfums are included. 

Wanting to give her fans "rest and relaxation" not only through her songs but also through her fragrances, Eunji designed the fragrances according to each theme, including "a bouquet of flowers in a beautiful embrace," "the smell of grass in a dense forest," "the scent of wind at the entrance of a trail," and "a garden of flowers in full bloom". 

The limited edition petite collection will be released on November 3 and will be available on Maison 21G's official website.

Eunji said, "I'm happy to be able to share a story with my fans that will be remembered for a long time like the lingering scent of a perfume, and to share a beautifully scented story with Maison 21G".

A representative from Maison 21G said, "It is meaningful that we were able to create a scent that best represents the message of ‘rest and relaxation’ that Eunji wants to convey to her fans. We are looking forward to introducing Eunji's Travelog petite collection to a wider range of audience , starting with its launch on November 3rd."

Meanwhile Eunji recently completed her Encore Travelog concerts in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The concerts lasted for more than 2 hours each and Eunji sang up to 18 songs impressing fans.

Eunji is also currently filming for the drama "She is Different Day and Night" which features herself, Lee Jung-Eun, Choi Jin-Hyuk in main roles.

Eunji was also selected as the official model for "She's Bagel Coffee" outlet & the game "Cloud Trail: Team Venture"

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I want to buy this, but I will probably have to pay 4 times more than its actual price for shipping and customs fees. :(

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