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Was Krystal as popular during her prime as Jennie is now?


It appears to be a part of human nature to compare everything, which could explain why many idols are compared to one another, with fans constantly searching for similarities and differences that make one better or worse than the other.

Recently, K-pop fans flocked to one popular Korean online community to discuss a topic that has been around as long as the K-pop industry existed. These netizens joined a debate about whether Krystal was as popular, if not more popular, during her prime as Jennie is now.

The discussion started when one netizen asked, "Was Krystal the most famous to the public at the time, to the extent that she was immediately mentioned like Jennie is now?"

Other netizens joined and commented on their two cents, saying, "All the members were individually popular at the time but I think Krystal was the most popular from them," "I think she was really popular among K-pop fans," "I think Sulli was more popular to the public," "I'm not sure if it's to the extent of Jennie's popularity," "Don't bring Jennie here to compare," "Why are you talking about Krystal all of a sudden?" "I think Krystal was super popular at that time," "Were you not born at that time?" "She shouldn't be compared to Jennie since they're from a different generation but Krystal and Sulli were super popular. I get why people are asking if OP was even born at that time because it's such a ridiculous question, lol," "She's still popular," and "Compared to K-pop popularity from back then and now, Krystal was really popular but She was in a different position than Jennie. So it's weird to compare them."

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pinupgirl1582,036 pts Monday, December 19, 2022 5
Monday, December 19, 2022

As a vintage kpop fan, yes I am old and it is what it is, I can actually say yes, it’s pretty similar.

What’s similar is Krystal didn’t even do interviews that much but she was always on the news and did so many endorsements. Got criticized for being “lazy” which is pretty similar to Jennie. They basically were so popular that they got random hate which they didn’t deserve. The difference is Krystal was so busy with acting too. She was the cold idol but criticized a lot because she was the maknae. Jessica was kinda similar but got away with it.

People who were saying Sulli was more popular, I guess it’s safe to say that Krystal was actually more popular but in the beginning Sulli was thought to be the maknae because before netizens started criticizing her, she was really the cute and “pure” member of f(x). She was more social and smiled more which was the opposite of Krystal’s image. So if we’re really going to compare it to BLACKPINK since you guys did it already, Krystal was similar to Jennie’s popularity while Sulli (before k netizens being messed up) was more like Jisoo. Someone that was more up to Koreans’ standards.

Just wanna say f(x) was ahead of their time. They’re basically Min Hee Jin’s (NewJeans & Ador) original babies as they were the first group she had creative freedom with compared to the other SM group.

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blue19971,968 pts Monday, December 19, 2022 1
Monday, December 19, 2022

They are pretty comparable. Well when comparing them as idols on stage they both had lots of love and criticism. They were both brought to attention through someone. Krystal for one was known a Jessica’s sister and so people payed a lot of attention to her but her sister of course was above her, where Jennie was know before debut cause of GD but no other real connection in the industry. When it comes to endorsements both work(ed) with big brands, Krystal had 20 (13 alone) at her prime and Jennie has around 12. In the fashion world Krystal has a total of 7 awards related to style and being a fashion icon. Krystal now focuses on acting and is doing pretty well she is still talked about today, so her longevity in the ent. industry since 2009 is very impressive. Jennie is in prime now but who know along the lines where she will stand. Both girls are successful in their primes but kpop back then didnt have the amount of attention as it does now.

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