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"They're tainting the image of our country," Suriname is looking to take legal action against the production crew of 'Narco-Saints (Suriname)'


Suriname, the South American country which is the backdrop of the Netflix hit drama 'Narco-Saints (Suriname in Korean),' announced that they are considering legal action against a Korean drama producer.

According to the Surinamese government website, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation (BIBIS), Albert Ramdin, said on September 13 that he would consider legal action against the production company, referring to the Korean drama Suriname. Minister Ramdin expressed his dissatisfaction explaining that the drama was tainting the image of the country, portraying it as a "drug nation."

The Surinamese government also said it would protest against the South Korean government. Ambassador Ramdin emphasized that freedom of expression should be treated as important but that it also has limitations. He explained that Suriname is not the country that is portrayed in the drama, and it does not engage in such behavior (drug trade).

It has been reported that the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also monitoring the situation after receiving a report on this through the local diplomatic offices. Korea and Suriname established diplomatic ties in 1975, and now the Korean Embassy in Venezuela also serves Suriname.

When asked if an official protest message from the Surinamese government had been received by the Korean government, an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “After the Netflix series aired, the Surinamese government has not expressed its position to our government. We are continuing efforts to maintain friendly relations with Suriname."

The Korean Embassy in Venezuela announced on its website to the Korean community in Suriname, "Koreans living in Suriname might face difficulties in the aftermath of the drama's airing. We will do our best for their safety."

The drama 'Nacro-Saints (Suriname)' is the plot of a civilian businessman cooperating with the National Intelligence Service's secret operation to arrest a Korean drug lord who has taken over Suriname. In this drama, the Surinamese government is portrayed as a corrupt organization that defends the crime by colluding with the drug lord.

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As a Surinamese person, this show isn’t a good representation, but it’s true. There is a lot of drugs in the homeland. It’s the smallest Country In South America so a small drug trade in Colombia is equivalent to a huge one because the size of the country

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Sasha Baron Cohen made up Borat and the character keeps saying he is from Kazakhstan and acts like a antisemetic jackass and he's never apologized even though it ruined the image of Kazakhstan. Spielberg included that scene in Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom where Indians eat all those gross things (though they're not Hindus but the Thuggee cult) and it made Indians mad because back then Americans didn't know much about India so that was their only exposure. Many American directors made stuff like that including offensive stuff about Korea as well and they never apologized. Compared to them koreans will likely apologize to Suriname.

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