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The Korean Embassy in Venezuela sends out an emergency notice for the safety of Koreans living in Suriname


Koreans in Suriname may be in danger, with their safety being threatened due to the title of a new popular drama. The Korean embassy in Venezuela has urged Koreans living in Suriname to be cautious of their safety.

On September 14, the Korean embassy warned on its website, "Koreans living in Suriname may face difficulties in the aftermath of the airing of the drama, 'Narco-Saints (Suriname in Korean).'" The embassy continued to say, "As the Korean embassy, we are most concerned about the safety of Koreans (in Suriname), and the embassy will do its best for their safety."

The embassy urged each South Korean in Suriname to be cautious of their safety and to contact the Korean Association president immediately if there is any concern or need for help.

Korea and Suriname established diplomatic ties in 1975, and now the Korean Embassy in Venezuela is in charge of Suriname.

Earlier, the Minister of Suriname officially protested against the Netflix drama 'Narco-Saints (Suriname)' claiming that the drama is portraying the country in a negative image. Surinamese Foreign Minister Albert Ramdin recently held a press conference and said, "Suriname no longer has a drug-related image. We will take legal action against (the drama) 'Narco-Saints (Suriname)'."

The drama 'Suriname' tells the story of a civilian who is framed as a drug godfather who took over a drug empire in Suriname, a South American country, and accepts a secret mission from the National Intelligence Service. This drama is based on a true story that took place in Suriname. It appears that the Surinamese government has become upset at the drama that portrayed the country as being a drug country.

As the title of the drama threatens the safety of Koreans living in Suriname and has even become a diplomatic issue, it is pointed out that more careful consideration should be paid to putting the name of a region or country in the title of a work.

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RSB20167 pts 15 days ago 1
15 days ago

I'm a Surinamese we don't actually care that much to go out and attack people over a show what our minister is saying is if your going to make the show don't say that half the country is in the drug trade yes there was a dictator in that time who was allowing that shit to happen for a small group of people that he knew while the rest of the country was suffering These days i would say Suriname is one of the most safest country in South America

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LittleSukie7,953 pts 15 days ago 0
15 days ago

I do hope people of Suriname will not go after Koreans living there bcs of something they have no control over. Also, the drama producers should find a solution for this. They are giving a bad reputation to a real place.

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