Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, September 20, 2022

K-netizens get into a debate over Jang Won Young's recent actions


IVE's Jang Won Young is at the center of attention over something most people would think is trivial.

On September 19, a video of 'IVE x 1N2D,' which is a spin-off of the popular entertainment program '1 Night and 2 Days,' was posted. After the video was uploaded, a post with the title "Jang Won Young is sly" was posted in a popular online community Nate Pann criticizing the idol's actions.

The creator of the post claimed that Jang Won Young had made things turn out to her benefit on purpose.

In the episode, the IVE members were to be divided into two teams that will enjoy two recreational activities - one is going on the cable car, and the other was getting on a canoe. The members were to pick out paddles that had two keywords that would decide their fate.

At the first draw, Jang Won Young picked the keyword that got her to go on the canoe ride. Immediately, her facial expression was filled with concern and looked grim when she found out she would have to go on a canoe.  She confirmed with the producers once again, saying, "It's the canoe you go on the water right?" Then Jang Won Young expressed that she doesn't want to go on the canoe but wanted to go on the cable car.

Luckily Liz expressed that she wanted to try to go on the canoe instead of the cable ride. Jang Won Young happily exclaimed, "Then let's trade." Liz and Jang Won Young both asked the producers if they can trade with each other. The producers agreed, and Liz traded her paddle with Jang Won Young.

However, Ahn Yu Jin thought this activity wouldn't be fun or new for the viewers since the same members from the last activities were together again. So, Yu Jin suggested that they do the lot picking again. 

The producers agreed and had the members pick the paddles again. At the final draw, Jang Won Young, Gaeul, and Liz ended up with the cable car, and Ahn Yu Jin, Rei, and Lee Seo ended up with the canoe ride.

In regards to this, the creator of the post explained that Jang Won Young made it so obvious she didn't want to go on the canoe and was staring intensely at the paddles when the producers were mixing them up. The poster claimed that Jang Won Young was able to keep track of which paddle was the cable car activity and pick it at the end. The poster said, "She made it so obvious she was unhappy with her choice, and she immediately wanted to trade with Liz. When the staff was mixing the paddles, she was staring straight at them, keeping watch on the paddles. Then she quickly picked the one that she wanted."

This triggered a debate in an online community where netizens commented, "It's not that she's sly, she's just quick-witted to get what she wants," "She always does things like this to make things harder for people around her," "I think Jang Won Young is just good at grabbing the opportunity," "People are attacking her for something so trivial," "I don't think what Jang Won Young did is so bad," "I feel like this group members aren't really close to one another except Ahn Yu Jin and Jang Won Young," "I think Liz is the nice one," and "She thinks she's a princess."


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bobohulove2,958 pts Tuesday, September 20, 2022 7
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Maybe she was scared to go on the canoe, I sure as hell wouldn't want to. People are so quick to judge over something this stupid

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dancingbella234,043 pts Tuesday, September 20, 2022 2
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

or maybe she can't swim and is scared of water.

and who cares.

33 (+45 / -12)

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