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Jimin's popularity in the artworld is on display as his portrait was featured at the Art Festa exhibition

Jimin has become a person of high influence in the world of art as a favorite muse among several artists. Illustrators, painters, graffiti artists, and many other kinds of artists all adore his striking facial features and beautiful dance lines with his perfect body proportions. Everything about him makes him stand out in any given crowd and makes him a sight to behold, so much so that artists want to preserve the unbelievable beauty of his existence and motion for future generations.

Many famous artists have made masterpiece paintings and other art pieces, having been inspired by his beautiful stages at the end-of-year awards while others simply admire his facial features and several of these artworks have been displayed in national and international exhibitions and have attracted massive attention [read hereabout such different artworks]. His grip on artists has not loosened even after several years of him being a favorite muse among many of them, and this continues to show with his recent artworks of him that are attracting lots of attention.

On June 22, news reports showed that a new portrait of Jimin by the famous South Korean illustrator Lee.K would be on display for the ART FESTA exhibition at the Seoul Trade Exhibition Center in Gangnam, Seoul. The exhibition was held from June 23 to June 26 from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Lee.K has been very vocal about his liking for Jimin, and he has had uncountable artworks of Jimin displayed in different galleries and exhibitions in South Korea and in other countries. One such recent artwork of his was exhibited back in April at the Star Nada exhibition in Seoul.

This particular exhibition was specially set up for displaying what artists would term their 'signature works', and for an art piece based on him to be included in such a collection, it speaks a lot to the weight he carries for the artist and his work.

This specific artwork had previously been displayed at the 'Focus Art Fair' in Paris, France, in 2021, being the first oil painting of the year as per how he named the work.

Earlier in the same year, artist Lee K had released an illustration of Jimin's face along a 2021 New Year's greeting, which was his way of expressing his unwavering affection for his favorite muse. He never fails to appreciate Jimin's beauty and points out the details about him that greatly impress him and make him want to keep him as his muse for a lot of his work.

In different news, another artist Han Young Joon has also been seen to show his profound affection for Jimin through the numerous artworks that he posts on his social media pages. Fans have noticed that he usually posts illustrations of different celebrities with a special fondness for BTS, but Jimin alone has over 20 illustration posts on his Instagram account! In fact, the very first post on his account is a video of him sketching Jimin! There is no doubt he holds a special place in his heart and his work as well.

Jimin's widespread popularity and impact in the art world is proof of his uniqueness in beauty and in how he carries himself. It is impossible to replicate anything about him, and this is why he will remain the favorite muse for many of these artists for a long time to come.

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Jimin is truly the muse of every artist! 😍

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Jimin is an ART masterpiece himself. Beautiful and flawless

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