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Netizens comment on Dispatch's silence over Jennie-V rumors, 'coincidence' of the earcuffs and Instagram posts, G-Dragon being dragged in the rumors, and more

On May 22, an Instagram account shared two photos of 2 people in a car, on Jeju island. A lot of people said the two photographed are BLACKPINK's Jennie and BTS' V. Then, a lot of speculation came up about their relationship.

Some netizens claimed these were edited pictures of V and J-hope from 'In The Soop.'

Others claimed these were real because they were wearing different outfits, and Jennie owns the very sunglasses shown in the picture. Some even claimed it's impossible to edit the reflection of the environment on Jennie's sunglasses. They also claimed that Taehyung's hairstyle, sunglasses, and clothes are different from the photo with J-hope.

After the photos became a hot topic, the person who shared the photos first deleted them, saying she didn't say they were Jennie and V and that they could just be ordinary people, so she didn't want to mislead anything.

On May 25, an airline employee confirmed that Jennie and V were on a flight to Jeju together on May 21. Some fans refused the believe it because the person's hair who's alleged to be Jennie in the photo was brown, and Jennie had revealed her orange hair in April, and it was still orange on her latest Instagram post on May 15. 

However, Jennie made a public appearance on May 26 at Queen Elizabeth's birthday event, and her hair was brown, so it led to even more questions being raised.

Not only this, but fans also shared photos of a model who looked like V, and claimed he was the person in the photos, but the model shut down the rumors saying it was not him in the photos.

Recently, V was spotted at the airport wearing earcuffs. After Dispatch's Instagram account, which posts celebrities' accessories brands and collection names, posted that V's earcuffs were CHANEL's Coco Crush, fans and some media outlets realized that these were the same earcuffs that Jennie modeled for. Not too long after, Dispatch removed the photo. Some fans zoomed in on 1 photo and claimed that the earcuffs were actually Boucheron's, which have square lines. They uploaded V's photo next to Boucheron's earcuffs and tagged Boucheron's account, which liked the photo. However, other fans claimed that the pixels were distorted when zoomed in, and that's why in one photo, the lines looked like they were square, but in the other photos, the lines were triangle, which is CHANEL's design.

Everything aside, some netizens think that Jennie may have cheated on G-Dragon with V and that G-Dragon and V took jabs at each other on social media. While other netizens think the opposite and clarify G-Dragon's posts' meanings and see no connection.

I have gathered the netizen comments on the recent hot topics, and you can share your thoughts below!


Post 1: V-Jennie's Instagram comeback at the same time

Both photos are in black and white

They were posted on Instagram almost at the same time
They've been silent for days, and now they're making it obvious that they're a couple
I don't think he's going to shoot poisonous stings at the back of anyone's neck (of netizens)
(The OP talks about V dragging the netizens who spread rumors that he was dating the chaebol daughter)

1.[+915, -161] How many days have you spent together in Jeju Island to post pictures together like this? It's shameless, they don't care about making fun of fans anymore.

2.[+876, -40] There have been rumors of a relationship but there's no denial for 4 days? Big Hİt is a company that denies every single relationship rumor including the one spread on Youtube but this time it's true ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

3.[+835, -54] This is a 'couple Instagram' to sting fans. There is no difference from admitting to dating directly.

4.[+413, -10] I guess both of them agreed to put on faces of steel.

5.[+393, -20] Coolly admit that you're dating. V's behavior is kind of...

6.[+390, -23] Why did he post (the picture) right after Jennie? You're really caught on.

7.[+361, -15] When there were rumors about him dating that chaebol girl, he posted 'throw up' emojis and made a fuss about shooting poison stings, now it's ridiculous. If they stayed quiet, fans would have made up their mind but V seems to be in disgrace.

8.[+359, 8] What's the reason for them to post one after another like this unless it was for the fans?

9.[+341, -25] It's funny that they appeared on Instagram at the same time while staying silent for the 3rd day.

10.[+313, -7] A dark history that will last forever... right? Embarassing.

11.[+284, -12] Even if they would die soon, they can't stay away from doing '♡stagrams.'

12.[+276, -5] Isn't V's photo from Black Swan photoshoot? Out of the blueㅋㅋ He'll post a photo and stupid fans will just love it without thinking.

13.[+240, -9] Where is the V who wanted to shoot poisonous stings at the back of the people's neck because of the dating rumors? Hurry up and post the 'throw up' emojis for dating rumors with Jennie.

14.[+231, -2] "I'm going to keep dating Jenny, so you guys shut up and buy my new album, and I'm asking you to tap hearts at my Instagram posts, so ARMY, let's be sensible."

15.[+224, -2] V is shameless, I hate things like this. That's not a courtesy to the fans who have been with him 10 years. Don't you just want them to be buried? You have a comeback and you're hanging out with your girlfriend.

16.[+220, -6] I'm waiting for V to shoot poisonous stings at the back of my neck.

(In my dream, I will sting them with a poison needle at the back of their neck. Be careful of your back neck)

17. [+187, -5]It's obvious that they both fell in love and went on a vacation at the same time and appeared at the same time. Yesterday, in 24 hours of the day, both of them posted black and white photos with a difference of 10 minutes. What is the probability of this coincidence?

18.[+163, -3] He has to shoot a poison stings at the back of people's necks now.

19.[+153, -2] The reason why the suspicions are right is that HYBE immediately denied the rumors about V-Chaebol girl, Jungkook-Lee Yubi, RM-The Non-celebrity, Jimin-Yeon. It's been 4 days, Jennie and V's relationship isn't denied->So it's right that V and Jennie are dating.

20.[+149, -214] Jennie seduced first vs V confessed first.


Post 2: DISPATCH that exposed GD-KAI-Jennie is being silent on rumors of V dating.

Isn't it funny? It's famous that Dispatch is originally a 'YG sniper,' and they exposed a lot of SM dating rumors.
And if you remember, Dispatch exposed Kang Daniel and Jihyo as well.
That kind of Dispatch is silent on V's relationship rumorsㅋㅋㅋ.

In the past when dating rumors of Suga and Suran came out, Big Hit contacted Dispatch and directly denied it.

Dispatch even issued an article explaining why the dating rumors of Jungkook weren't true.

I'm sure they already knew that V and Jennie dated before the Jeju Island exposure. If Jennie were dating someone other than a BTS member, Dispatch would have exposed it before anyone else for sureㅋㅋㅋ.

1.[+302, -45] Didn't V indirectly give you a hint that he's dating Jennie? I felt that way when I saw this photoㅋㅋ Because even V's fansite masters didn't release high-definition photos of the earcuffs. Dispatch took a lot of pictures of V at the airport, and posted the brand and model name. They posted it on the same day when there were articles about his couple earcuffs.

2.[+277, -22] Big Hit that denies every dating rumor, and the YG-hater Dispatch are both silent. And YG said they have nothing to say.

3.[+239, -23] Armys go around saying that V's earcuffs are not Chanel, but Boucheron, but if you look at the details of the earcuffs, it's absolutely not Boucheron.

4.[+131, -4] Dispatch was so excited when exposing Jennie's first 2 relationships but now is silent on the 3rd one? Because now it's V.

5.[+120, -14] Just a few months ago Dispatch tried to bash YG. When did it turned into a gentle sheep?
(Son Naeun's rudeness or YG's incompetence?)

6.[+108, -2] If you noticed, BTS who used to attend every award ceremonies didn't attend any of them except for Grammys, and they attended Dispatch's. You know why.

7.[+104, -5] They've been all over the dating rumors, but why are they so quiet this time? It's a shame because it's V.

8.[+96, -7] How much did Hybe pay Dispatch that they don't even expose the YG they hate?

9.[+94, -4] What is certain is that if Jennie's boyfriend was a different celebrity instead of V, Dispatch would have exploded.

10.[+83, -10] Definitely Chanel couple earcuffs. Armys are funnyㅋㅋㅋㅋ.


Post 3: V-Jennie earcuffs

1.[+1033, -106] It's the first official public appearance since dating rumors, so you would have known that everyone's attention would be drawn, but it's so funny that he came out wearing the earcuffs that Jennie advertised. And V never wore an earcuff before.

2.[+346,-11] No, but really, isn't it? Whether it's dating rumors or daisy pictures, he makes the fans fight and come to the airport wearing the earcuffs and bluffing. What kind of fan love is this?

3.[+296,-29] ㅋThat's 2022's Jennie-Chanel collection earcuffs. V's true love.

4.[+288,-293] I'm a foreign fan, but isn't this a bit forced? Then V shouldn't use Chanel products?

5.[+231,-12] Louis Vuitton ambassador showed up wearing a product that the person who was dating rumors was modeled for? Adding fuel to the fire.

6.[+224,-145] When it's time to find something like this, just search.

7.[+203,-7] I'm sick and tired of the fight. Why didn't you leave the country with Jennie? ㅋㅋㅋㅋJennie is going to the US soon.

8.[+137, -5] At that time I thought it was a mistake that he followed Jennie as soon as he opened his Instagram account but now I got hit on the back of my head. I am 100% sure that wearing these earrings was intentional.

Post 4: V's earcuffs that were modeled by Jennie

V's fans insisted that the earcuffs were not the same, but they are the same.

V who dared to wear the Chanel Coco Crush Earcuffs, which Jennie was a campaign model for, on the first schedule right after dating rumors. At this point, isn't V begging you to get it?

1.[+669, -62] Why is he trying to make it so obvious? He followed Jennie on Instagram. I can't understand V's way of thinking. It's like V wants to admit it but HYBE is blocking him? To be honest, it's true that it's V who keeps making people suspicious. If you think about the fans...

2.[+546, -62]He really doesn't think about the fans. Amazing V.

3.[+533, -41]Armys often come to post V wearing Chanel earrings. They're all pictures from 3 or 4 years ago. Besides, I've never seen V wearing that style of earcuffs. And Jennie is the model for those Chanel earcuffs. It's obvious.

4.[+282, -16] Jennie stays still, but V is the only one who does that. Seems like he likes that a lot.

5.[+248, -16]He doesn't even think about his fans... ? He's an ambassador for Louis Vuitton but wearing Chanel earcuffs.. I know he's a bit of an eccentric and self-indulgent personality, but there is no reason for Army to offer it directly that he would be ridiculed by others.. It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship, so do whatever you want. Armys are trying to focus on the comeback as much as possible, but who is he doing that for? Who are you doing that for? If you're 27, you're not even young anymore, so why are you so... Well... to wrap it up as a lover... He thinks as "Army pretends not to know and loves us no matter what we do. So, it doesn't matter what happens to our relationship?" I couldn't quit the fandom because of the rest of the members but I'm disappointed for the first time. His hyungs should do something about V.

6.[+211, -13] The one who is more in love seems to be V.

Post 5: Just looking at the company reaction to both V and Jenny...

It's obvious that they're dating. Not only here but also in other communities and YouTube, it became a hot topic that V and Jennie were dating but even in this situation, both companies remain silent, so it must be the proof...

Normally Big Hit and YG tend to publish articles right away denying the rumors. Especially, Especially YG's response to the relationship rumors is clear ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Jennie-Yang Hyunsuk, Jenny-Teddy, etc. They sue groundless relationship rumors immediately and publish articles against it but when there were rumors of Jenny-Kai and Jennie-GD relationships, they said they couldn't check it and they glossed over them.

This time again, both companies remained silent, and it's 100% true that they're dating...

If the ones in the photos in Jeju Island were just commoners, they would have come out by nowㅋㅋㅋ but it's not.

1.[+521,-18] If it weren't V, he wouldn't have been quiet till now. He would have posted something on Weverse or Instagram. When it happened before, he denied it harshly but even though the dating rumors have been spreading like this, both of them and their companies are silent? They are admitting it.

2.[+521,-18] In the photos taken in Jeju Island, it's seen that Jennie and V are hanging out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋBoth of them have unique faces. How could such a picture of 2 ordinary people riding in the same car be taken? The photo was taken right next door, so Jenny and V are clearly visible.

3.[+521,-18] YG laughed and responded to the rumors of CL and Mino, saying it's "ridiculous" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seems like they don't find this ridiculous this time.

4.[+521,-18] To be honest, I didn't believe that photo till the end but seeing there was no reaction on Weverse or Insta, now I think it's 100% true. And it's a "transferring" relationship. Everyone in the entertainment industry and singers know each other, but seeing them dating, I lost my affection.

5.[+521,-18] This is really daebak. They are really dating but it's strange that their fans writing fictional novels (to prove the opposite).

6.[+521,-18] YG and HYBE. Neither of the 2 companies have ever responded like this.

7.[+521,-18] If the ones in the photos were some ordinary people, they would have come out till now.

8.[+521,-18] We all know it but his fans are the only ones who deny.


Post 6: Did Jennie she cheat (on GD)?

I heard she dated GD until April. If it's cheating, that's a problem.

1.[+701,-119] Then V flirted with Jennie who had a boyfriend, and she spread her legs?

2.[+392,-69] I have nothing to say..ㅋㅋ

3.[+292,-62] Don't you think she got caught cheating?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That's why she can't announce it.

4.[+287,-5] In April, it was revealed that the two were wearing couple bracelets. Whether it's a cheating; dating V right after breaking up is a fact.

5.[+208,-17] But if it's okay to take a jab at each other on SNS, isn't V's personality completely low?

6.[+199,-23] No matter how you look at it. It's cheating or she played a double game.

7.[+148,-7] I think it's until the end of April. They were wearing the couple's bracelets until April 21st.

8.[+123,-61] They went to an opening event...…All the other celebrities attended that day.

Post 7: GD-V incitement is tiring

May the force be with you: bless the future (famous lines of Star Wars)

Pann girls said he's taking a jab at V with daisy pictures but daisies are like a symbol for GD. And he didn't even upload only daisies but other flowers, too. Stop taking anything GD does for granted. Let him live his life.

1.[+234, -23] To be honest, I bet there's no V or Jennie fans among people who claimed this. How do I know it? Because I'm in one of the 2 fandoms. It's a pity that GD is being dragged into everything. I feel sorry for him

2.[+184, -18] GD posted a lot of daisies. I'm just a person who followed both V and GD.

3.[+163, -19] Ah, really. I'm sick and tired of it.

4.[+95, 0] GD's so sweet, that's his first nephew. Just looking at the picture, I felt my love for my nephew, so I'm happy.

Post 8: Don't you feel bad for GD? 

What did GD do wrong to you?
How many mocking comments are there?
Is it a good idea to judge female idols' body and male idols' relationships?
When you want to talk about Jennie's relationship, you drag GD into it. I'm not even a GD fan, nor BIGBANG but I'm sick of this. Seriously, stop writing about him.

(Kids who don't have money, don't have a job, but only have a lot of time
It's impossible to win something on the internet)

1.[+302, -30] Did GD take their money or what? He's not even an active idol.

2.[+253, -24] GD is attacked for dating, attacked for breaking up. Stop it already.

3.[+160, -23] It's because the antis are working hard.

4.[+137, -129] What did he do wrongㅋㅋㅋㅋDid you forget or you're pretending?

5.[+107, -5] I agree. Even if you're not a GD fan, you feel uncomfortable when you read such comments.

6.[+104, -2] They always say he's out of date but they're always interested in himㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

7.[+103, -4] I'm finally seeing a normal postㅋㅋThey should stop it. It feels like they're going crazy.

8.[+78, 0] If someone tells them they are fat or skinny, or ugly, they will feel bad and post about it here and there but they think celebrities should be moderate. He's not different from the other people and isn't resistant to cursing so stop it.

9.[+56, -3] This statement is so true. It's been 16 years since GD debuted….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ GD is a real superstar.

"A true superstar drives both fans and anti-fans crazy. The people you and I like are not superstars, but just stars. The people you and I like are not superstars, but just stars. If haters exists, there are people loves you madly."

  1. G-Dragon
  2. Jennie
  3. V
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Chinaistrash-90 pts Friday, June 3, 2022 5
Friday, June 3, 2022

Why are they insulting GD? They are saying that he is old, and many disgusting things, is being young a virtue? They call old a person who is in their 30s old, the fans of V and Jennie make me sick. If this were true, why do they throw shit at the victim of a relationship? because if their relationship is true, then Jennie was the one who cheated on him. I don't justify the hate, but then they say that women are hated more than mens , and they are hating GD for not doing anything wrong.

He is still the icon of korea for men, his clothes sell second, so keep trying.

35 (+53 / -18)

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listlessgirl21 pts Friday, June 3, 2022 9
Friday, June 3, 2022

I'm getting annoyed by this. Netizens are talking like they were there when Jennie and GD "allegedly" broke up and how V and Jennie "allegedly" start dating. I'm just shocked how just one earing could make so much stories. V could wear whatever he likes, he could post on insta whatever he likes. Just mind your own business and support BTS and BP in their upcoming comebacks. Their music is the reason why we became fans in the first place.

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