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Public anger towards 'Snowdrop' continues as various protest trucks pop up against JTBC


Ever since the production stages, there have been heavy criticisms against the JTBC drama 'Snowdrop.' This is because the drama has been seen as a distortion of history and misrepresenting one of the most critical times in South Korean history.

During the production stages, the plot, and character information have been leaked out to the public drawing many concerns as many netizens. 'Snowdrop' received much backlash when the male lead character was set to be an actual spy in the drama in 1987. Therefore, netizens stepped up to protest against the drama and criticize that the drama is distorting history and mocking the sacrifice the college students at that time made to establish the democracy of South Korea. Nevertheless, JTBC assured netizens and viewers that the story does not center around the democracy movements that occurred during that time.

However, the controversy heightened when the drama first aired, and viewers saw that the plotline was not edited from the storyline that was leaked a few months back. The public became furious as the male lead character was set as a North Korean spy. With the controversy worsening, many sponsors pulled out their sponsorship from the drama, with more than 200,000 signatures signed on the petition to halt the drama. 

JTBC continued its attempt to alleviate the anger of the public as they released statements explaining once again that the characters do not get involved in any democratic movements. Additionally, JTBC announced that episodes 3-5 of 'Snowdrop' will all be aired this week to 'clarify misunderstandings.'

Still, this was not enough to appease the public as many netizens banded together to dispatch protest trucks in various areas across Korea.

The protest trucks explain that the drama is an insult to the victims who have suffered torture under the pretense they were spies as they fought for proper democracy for South Korea. The protesting truck presented statements saying, "The victims who were tortured by the NSP are still alive. The perpetrators are still alive. The fight of 1987 has not ended yet. 'Snowdrop' is not a fictional drama but it is an insult to those who fought for democracy and it is a distortion of history."

Many of these protesting trucks criticized the backdrop of the drama and the usage of the character names. The protesting trucks continued to demand that the dramas be halted as it is continuing ridicule to the victims of that time.

Other netizens commented, "This is so much worth it," "these protesting trucks are actually used for a good cause," "I'm going to donate to support these protesting trucks too," "These have to be effective," "this is awesome, "and "I want to support these trucks too."

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28 days ago

I'm gonna write this comment strictly to help those who are confused, to teach some sense to those who claim this is dramatic and to just create a dialogue to educate and jump on the train with me. You don't need to tell me to shut up if you think it's too long. Let's openly discuss some points! (I'm not Korean. I will simply explain the facts that have bothered Koreans).

As simple as I can put it, during the military regime the Dictator (Chun Du Hwan) as well as the Chief of the NSA (national security agency) teamed up to send the country into a frenzy by creating a rumor that an immense number of NK spies were invading the nation, this was used as a guise so that the regime could arrest, torture and kill supporters of democratization. Now here's where the problem in the drama begins. They are portraying the NSA and the characters who work for it as an institution set out to fight against NK spies and communist, this is not true. The NSA always knew they were after innocent SK's. As a result this show is pushing the false propaganda that the regime made up. By making the protagonist a NK spy masked as a pro democratization supporter, this false notion is pushed more. That leaves us then with hundreds of victims of the NSA being painted in this show as the lie that was used to torture/murder them. Another aspect I see many arguing is the "It's a drama" card. Historical fiction is to create fictional characters who of course then have fictional relationships set in a historical time period. You do not change, switch or misguide historical movements and historical/ political figures. If so that would just be fiction, not historical fiction and JTBC are clowns to think they can change that now.

Why should historical accuracy matter? First of all us international fans ,were it not for this, would have watched the drama and been thought wrong. Secondly, many of the upper elite class of SK who directly benefited from the regime are still in complete denial of this tragedy, they should in no way be enabled to believe they are right. Many of the people responsible for this dark history are alive and have not apologized at all.

I genuinely believe that if this drama just wanted to make a cool love story with NK spies in the mix they should have made it completely fictional. I'm no one to tell Koreans what they can and can't be angry about, but after educating myself I greatly understand and support those who are. Please this comment is meant to inform I don't want any senseless replies. Thank you if you read it, I know I rant a lot sorry.


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28 days ago

Romanticising a traumatic event even while the victims are still alive is just heartless …. I don’t get why they are still going ahead with this.



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