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Former AOA member Mina personally explains that she wasn't aware that the YouTube show would ask about Sulli and thought it would be edited out


Former AOA member Mina posted an explanation about her recent YouTube appearance.

On September 2, Mina posted an explanation about her appearance on a YouTube broadcast. The former AOA member wrote a lengthy letter explaining the misunderstanding about her father's occupation as well as the reason she talked about the late Sulli.

Mina wrote, "My father is not a gangster. It is true that there were people around him who were like gangsters. My father always dressed well despite not having much money and I am upset that the video was edited to make me look like I resent my father and only have bad memories of him." 

She continued to elaborate, "I have many feelings towards him - at times I hate him, fear him, but also feel bad for him and want to comfort him. It's my family story so I don't want to go into details about what happened. However, he's someone I always miss, and I forgave him for everything although I hate him, and I love him."

In addition, Mina also explained why she talked about Sulli on the YouTube show. She began by explaining, "I'm even afraid to talk about her here and right now. If I knew the script and the questions they would ask me, I would have taken it out." 

Mina continued to say, "I did have an expectation of the questions but I really didn't know that a question about Sulli would be asked. I think many people were uncomfortable because it seemed like I brought up Sulli out of nowhere because of the editing. But I didn't think that I carelessly brought up the topic by myself so I thought that was going to be edited out completely."

She apologized, saying, "I wasn't able to stop filming in the middle but I should have confirmed after and made sure. I apologize once again."

Lastly, Mina explained the reason she decided to appear on the show. She explained, "I thought I would be able to resolve a lot of misunderstandings so I decided to appear on the show. I was really thankful they reached out to me. I will watch the full video again and find any part of my tone of speech, or attitude that needs to be fixed and put forth the effort to correct them."

Meanwhile, during the YouTube show on 'Jum Jum TV,' Mina mentioned Sulli and stated, "She was the first friend I had who I can share my difficult times with when I first came to Seoul. I miss her so much as a friend. She helped me a lot and she was the only person on my side. When I asked her if she was okay, she said, 'I am okay.' So, I believed her but I should have noticed then."

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If this doesn't work, she will probably say the shamans bullied her to forcer her to speak about Sully


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22 days ago

She didn't get the positive response she wanted so now she's going to revise her story yet again.


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