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BTS's Jimin sets new Instagram records

BTS's Jimin
has been given many titles due to his immense popularity on the local and global scene. Jimin attracts massive interest from the general public in matters fashion, vocals, visuals, and dance, which make him a hot topic on social media every other day.

Jimin has particularly demonstrated this popularity on Instagram, the world's largest platform for sharing images.  Mainly, his dominance is exhibited in the number of mentions to his name tags and likes to his individual posts. Jimin has absolutely dominated the platform even without having an individual account. 

With the recent different versions of Butter CD Concept and Teaser Photos released on the group's official Instagram account across different days, Jimin has set yet another record on the platform, with three of his individual posts gaining more than 7 million likes per post. 

The first to get 7 million likes was the first version of the Concept Photos, which crossed the 7 million mark in under 54 hours. This was also his first post to get over 7 million likes.

Concept Photo #3 was the second one to attain 7 million likes in under 71 hours since its posting. Of note is that earlier on, this same post had broken the record of the fastest individual post by a Korean male act to attain 6 million likes. It took the post 22 hours and 57 minutes to achieve this.

Finally, Teaser Photo #1 was the third post to cross the 7 million mark. Jimin is now the only BTS member who has attained this feat considering all the individual member posts on the account. He is also the first and only Korean male act to attain this milestone on the platform.

Recently, Jimin's name tag #Jimin surpassed 60 million posts on the same platform, thereby breaking his own record as the world's most hashtagable person on the history of the platform, further reaffirming his status and strong influence on the platform. This is a noteworthy achievement as other highly influential figures both in the music industry and in other industries, such as Taylor Swift and the former US President Barack Obama, also use the platform and are known to have a great following.

In previous posts such as the MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Short Film, Jimin's version for his solo song 'Filter' has so far attained 8.6 million views, which is the highest among all the short films of the members.

Jimin's popularity sees him ranking high in different social media metrics. Just two days ago, Jimin was also reported to have entered the Gaon Social Chart, ranking at #50 for this week. This chart evaluates and ranks the top 50 Korean artists that are considered as the most popular in the industry. The ranking criteria involves data collected from different platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, V Live, Mubeat, and MyCelebs. Jimin is yet to make an official solo debut. As such, his ability to enter this chart without any promotion activities for his own work speaks to his power and popularity.

Congratulations to the Social Media King for these amazing new achievements.

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jimin is amazing!

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jimin social media King!

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