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Korean netizens say that aespa's Winter looks like actress Yoon So Hee


There has been an online discussion in which many netizens are saying that aespa's Winter closely resembles actress Yoon So Hee.

One netizen created a post with the title, "The actress that I think of when looking at aespa's Winter," on a popular Korean online community, in which other netizens joined to give their opinions of the topic.

The netizen who created the post wrote, "This has always been on my mind but when I look at aespa's Winter smiling, she reminds me a lot of actress Yoon So Hee." The creator of the post included various gifs and photos of the idol member and compared her to Yoon So Hee.

The netizen further explained, "I'm not saying she looks exactly like the actress but I keep thinking about Yoon So Hee every time Winter smiles. It might be just me. I might be the only one who sees it."

Nevertheless, there were many other Korean netizens who agreed as they left comments saying, "I wasn't even thinking about Yoon So Hee but I think they do look alike," "Oh I always thought Winter looked like someone but never could put my finger on it. That person was Yoon So Hee!" "I think they have the same vibe, so I get what you mean," "She looks so similar when she smiles!" "Oh, she does!" "Winter looks like Taeyeon too," "I also thought about Yoon So Hee too, I think people would even believe it if they said they were sisters," and "I was thinking the exactly the same thing."

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I_said_what_I_sa3,525 pts 9 days ago 1
9 days ago

Are y’all eyes working because she looks nothing like Taeyeon 💀 she looks more like this actress tbh


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vivibee1,419 pts 9 days ago 0
9 days ago

i mean i kinda see it..? but i see taeyeon more than sohee



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