Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Announcer Park Shin Young confirmed to have violated traffic rules in the crash that killed a delivery man


It has been reported that announcer Park Shin Young violated traffic rules and ran past a traffic light right before the accident, which resulted in the death of a delivery man. Currently, the police are investigating if the announcer had also sped during that time.

On May 11, Star Today News reported on the investigation conducted by the Mapo Police Station in Seoul.

An official at Mapo Police Station told the news media outlet that after their investigation on May 10th, the traffic violation is evident on the black box they obtained. The official stated, "It appears in the black box video that she violated the traffic light laws. She ran the yellow light and entered the intersection after the yellow light was turned on. She was supposed to stop but did not."

The official added, "We have currently asked for an analysis on whether she was speeding or not. If it is revealed she was speeding, then charges of speeding will be added. Both sides are culpable so we need to consider who is more seriously at fault. However, right now, it seems there won't be any additional investigations needed. When the current investigation is completed, we will send it to the prosecution."

Meanwhile, when the accident occurred, there were witnesses who reported that announcer Park Shin Young did not slow down. Witnesses also claimed that she did not come out of her vehicle to check on the delivery man even though she wasn't injured and only came out of the vehicle when the police arrived. Many criticized that she was careless and neglected to help the delivery man who was hit by her car.

One witness of the accident wrote in an online community explaining the situation of the accident. The witness wrote, "I was waiting to cross the street to get to the Nonghyeop Market when I heard a loud explosion that sounded as if a bomb went off. I saw the SUV glide across the street with great speed and hit the guard rail on the other side. The driver for some reason didn't step out of her car. The residents in that area called the police and went over to the person on the motorcycle that got hit but I heard he passed away."

The witness continued to write, "The driver who caused the accident just opened the door a little bit and closed her door right away without stepping out. She had a very eye-catching visual and without a doubt she's a TV personality. She didn't even step out even when she caused the accident."

According to reports from Mapo Police Station, at 10:28 AM on May 10th, the SUV driven by announcer Park Shin Young hit a delivery motorcycle at an intersection. The delivery man died at the scene of the accident. At the crash site, police booked announcer Park Shin Young on charges of vehicular homicide under the Special Act on Traffic Accident Law.

However, Police investigated that although her SUV entered the intersection after the signal turned yellow, the deliveryman's motorcycle entered the intersection at a red light. Therefore, the police concluded that both are at fault.

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Sarangjonghyun1,042 pts Tuesday, May 11, 2021 8
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wether the blame is on her or both parties.. the last she could have done after running into him would have been to check on his condition and call for an ambulance her being a tv personality doesn’t mean she can’t act as a decent human being....


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Violetta1238,785 pts Tuesday, May 11, 2021 0
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

He entered on the red signal so he's probably more at fault, but this was a completely preventable tragedy. If they'd both been following the road rules instead of trying to get somewhere in a hurry, it never would have happened.



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