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Survey reveals what Korean men and women look for in an ideal husband or wife vis-à-vis income, height, education level, & more


A new survey has revealed what average Korean men and women regard as ideal traits in a future husband or wife.

According to 'Duo', a private marriage agency, the ideal husband in Korea would have an average salary of 57,490,000 KRW (~53k USD), a personal asset of 277,950,000 KRW (~250k USD), and a height of 178.5cm. He would also have a degree from a 4-year university and be about 1.8 years older than the wife. His ideal occupation would be public service or ministry.

As for the ideal wife, she would have an average salary of 43,280,000 KRW (~40k USD), a personal asset of 197,610,000 KRW (~180k USD), and a height of 163.4cm. She would also be employed as a public worker and would be about 2.6 years younger than the husband.

Another interesting data revealed that men considered personality, values, and physical appearance as the most important traits (in that order), while women chose personality, values, and economic power as the most essential. 

The survey was conducted among 1,000 single men and women in Korea between the age of 25 and 39 from October 23 to November 4, 2020.

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claral5,769 pts 16 days ago 8
16 days ago

And they wonder why the birth rate is decreasing...


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seafiant894 pts 16 days ago 7
16 days ago

It's funny really. Pretty much says men don't care about how much a woman makes as long as she's attractive. For the woman it's as long as he's in a government job (aka CEO power) and makes a lot more money.

Sounds like Tinder to me.


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