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Mystery solved as TWICE confirms the identity of the member in the ambiguous photo


TWICE has confirmed the identity of the member captured in the 'controversial' photo.

Recently, a particular image stormed the online communities as TWICE fans could not figure out who the person in the photo was. Most were certain that it would be Mina, Dahyun, or Tzuyu, and yet none were able to come to a consensus!

And on January 9, Dahyun directly faced her fans in a livestream chat and revealed the identity herself. She said: "Me, it's me. It's me. Me. Has the mystery been solved now?".

She also playfully added, "All those who said it was either Mina, Sana, or Tzuyu need to get in trouble! With me! Huh? For how many years have we known each other? I know that y'all can still love TWICE for all those years, but please! How can you all do this to me!"

Dahyun also confessed that her parents were just as confused. "My mother contacted me and asked who the person in the photo was...She was like 'Is it you Dahyun? Or is it Sana?' So, I told her that it was Sana and she said, 'Oh...no wonder! I knew it. Of course, the hand didn't look like yours.'"

"I felt so guilty, so I called my mom immediately and explained that it was indeed me. Then, my father, who was sitting next to her, told me that he thought it was Mina!"

Looks like even Dahyun's family had a hard time figuring out who she was! Were you right in your own guesses?

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seulhi182 pts 12 days ago 6
12 days ago

I was 1000% sure that it was Mina!


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nina97x7,534 pts 12 days ago 0
12 days ago

I thought it was Mina lol.



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