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Netizens split over the issue of 'I-LAND's eliminated trainees debuting in Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group


Netizens are arguing over the impending debut of 'I-LAND's eliminated trainees.

On January 1 KST, online communities discussed the news of 'I-LAND's former contestants debuting in Big Hit Entertainment's new boy group. The news was officially revealed through Big Hit Japan, which signaled that, in addition to EJ, Kyungmin, K, Taki, and Nicholas, there will be more members in the upcoming group. 

A debate arose whether this move makes Mnet's survival program 'I-LAND' "a complete waste", whether there was "any point in broadcasting a show if everyone would eventually debut in the same company". One netizen wrote: "LOL, the boys literally sweat blood and tears and we all watched the program clinging to our hearts and the boys [of ENHYPEN] gave it their all to debut. But it turns out that anyone can debut".

Another stated, "If it's the same route, same company, then why did we do this entire selection process specifically for 'I-LAND', having us decide who is 'better'???".

Meanwhile, supporters of this back-to-back debut expressed that there were never any rules regarding the trainees leaving the entertainment scene. Some compared this situation to YG Entertainment's 'WIN', a program that split WINNER from iKON, with the latter debuting one year after the former. 

They wrote, "These boys also need the opportunity. Also, I appreciate how the non-majority viewers' votes were ultimately taken into account, because now that Big Hit has these talented trainees, they can make multiple groups out of it. Everyone benefits." 

Another fan expressed that, "brutally speaking, there weren't skill-based differences among the boys -- they were all good. Meaning, it's just a matter of group individuality and timing." 

Other reactions include:

"ENHYPEN can be ENHYPEN and these boys can have their own identity"

"I get that 'I-LAND's viewer rating was very low, but that shouldn't be the reason for us ex-viewers to be treated this way. What was the point?"

"Salty viewers...I hope these new boys under Big Hit Japan succeed, as much as ENHYPEN has the chance to succeed"

"They are all so handsome, too -- are you sure you want to waste these visuals??"

"I support everyone"

"It's because Big Hit doesn't want to waste these boys' popularity."

"LOLOLOL why did they do the survival show then lolol -- you wouldn't understand this frustration if you weren't invested in the show like I was"


"Why are people so annoyed??"

What are you thoughts?

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Regular_Huh740 pts Friday, January 1, 2021 1
Friday, January 1, 2021

Netizens never have anything good to say. They act like the members who didn't debut FROM the winning debut group can't be allowed to debut at all.


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quark12395 Allkill VIP 21,165 pts Friday, January 1, 2021 10
Friday, January 1, 2021

Not just some of the contestants from WIN going on to be in iKon... The winners of Produce 101 ended up in I.O.I and Wanna One, but they also had I.B.I and JBJ which was made up of contestants who didn't win. I mean it's not like this shit doesn't happen outside of TV shows. It's literally the job of these companies to debut groups. I s2g solo group stans are just as dumb and annoying as akages. 🙄

Also "you wouldn't undertand if you weren't invested in the show" please. I was also invested in the show. I voted for the members and my choices ended up in Enhypen for the most part, but I'm not gonna whine like a little baby because the people I didn't pick also get to debut.

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