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Chillin Homie apologizes for cursing out 'feminists' during his previous live stream


Rapper Chillin Homie apologized for cursing out 'feminists' during his previous live stream.

On January 29th, Chillin Homie posted a lengthy apology on his Instagram account. He wrote, "Last night, I cursed and misbehaved during an Instagram Live broadcast. I apologize for my irresponsible, rash words and actions that caused many people discomfort and concern."

He continued to write, "Since I appeared on 'Show Me The Money,' there have been rumors and criticisms directed at my family and I received messages and direct messages. Those hurt me and was too much to handle. The stress caused panic and I ended up voluntarily dropping out of the show."

He added, "I think my mind and body became weaker and weaker due to the constant malicious comments since then. I showed my shortcomings as an excuse for my weakness due to the panic disorder and anxiety."

He then apologized by saying, "These situations have made me realize that my usual thoughts are wrong and I took the time to self-reflect. I apologize for hurting and causing discomfort to many people with my wrongful thoughts under the pretext of my anxiety."

Chillin Homie concluded by saying, "I will become a more mature person and change the way I think and act. Once again, I bow my head to apologize to many people. I will change my mind so that this will not happen again."

Earlier, on January 28th, Chillin Homie took the time to commemorate rapper Iron through an Instagram Live broadcast. However, a few netizens expressed their discomfort about Chillin Homie commemorating Iron, to which the rapper became angry and began saying, "Why do I need to care about what you think? Feminists f** off. The people who don't know what's right from wrong need to be euthanized instead of stray dogs."

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Friday, January 29, 2021

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Friday, January 29, 2021

This guy looks and sounds like a complete lunatic.


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