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'Start-Up's Nam Joo Hyuk talks about his portrayal of the character 'Young Seok' as he will soon be back with the movie 'Josee'


Actor Nam Joo Hyuk just finished with tvN's 'Start-Up' and will soon back with the new movie 'Josee.' Nam Jo Hyuk will be back on the screen playing the role of a college student as he comes across the character named Josee in the movie.

The movie 'Josee' is a remake of the Japanese original novel and film, 'Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish.' it depicts the growth and life changes of the character Josee, who was trapped inside the house due to her disability but is led out into the world by Young Seok, played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

Nam Joo Hyuk's character represents the youth in their twenties and a bridge connecting the imaginary world that Josee lives into the real world. Nam Joo Hyuk was able to perfectly portray an ordinary character that can be seen around the neighborhood. Nam Joo Hyuk revealed that he wanted to show the character to be an ordinary, real person. He stated, "I asked the director how things looked when we filmed because I wanted to portray the image of an ordinary young man. I wanted to be seen as an actual person in real life." He talked about the aspect he paid much attention to when acting and said, "Rather than acting the part, I wanted to show the character like a figure from a documentary, so this character was a challenge for me." Actor Nam Joo Hyuk stated that he put much effort and thought into acting as naturally as possible to seem like an ordinary youth in his twenties.

That is probably why the character of 'Young Seok' gives off a completely different vibe than the original character of 'Tsuneo.' Nam Joo Hyuk's depiction of the male lead is closer to a young man living in the reality of our world. Nam Joo Hyuk's expressions and gestures were filled with complex and subtle emotions of the youth thinking about their future and career. Nam Joo Hyuk stated he took on the director's challenge wanting a completely different 'Josee.' He stated, "The director wanted to create a completely different 'Josee' and that was a challenge for me. I really wanted to follow the director's direction for the film. I was overwhelmed and worried since there is already amazing work that was released before. But I gave my best for all moments during the filming."

Nam Joo Hyuk showed much affection for the character of Young Seok as he was greatly immersed in the character. During the movie production press conference, Nam Joo Hyuk suddenly shed tears while watching the production video. He stated, "When I watched the video that showed the process from the beginning to the end, I suddenly felt the emotions of Young Seok that I felt while filming." He continued to say, "I was so absorbed with Young Seok. Young Seok naturally fell in love with Josee and Josee was able to come out of her imaginary world with Young Seok's help. Young Seok also grew and matured in every way in the process. I think Young Seok felt that he wanted to show Josee all the beautiful things of this world that is outside."

Nam Joo Hyuk revealed that he didn't watch the original Japanese film 'Josee, the Tiger, and the Fish' because he didn't want to be influenced by the film. He stated, "I watched the original movie three to four years ago, but I didn't rewatch any scenes after receiving the script. I didn't want to be influenced and copy anything because I wanted to create the 'Young Seok' that's my own. Also, I didn't think about the ways in differentiating 'Tsuneo' and 'young Seok.' If I think about it, I won't be able to show the natural Young Seok that I create on my own." Nam Joo Hyeok stated he was thinking of creating another character.

Nam Joo Hyuk also talked about the similarities between him and the character. He stated, "I think I make my choices according to what's real and reality," revealing he had an experience when he was forced to break up because of the reality he faced, just as the characters in the film. He stated these memories help him act as he is able to bring out the emotions in certain circumstances in the film.

Nam Joo Hyuk seemed to be shy about talking about himself but showed seriousness to him when talking about the films. When asked what the film 'Josee' meant to him, Nam Joo Hyuk answered, "This is a film that has had a positive impact on me. It's the piece that made me realize what it feels like to create a piece together. This is also the piece that made me experience the joy in filming again,saying that this film helped him mature. Nam Joo Hyuk concluded by saying, "Rather than wanting to be successful with a work, I think I just want to be portrayed as the character itself in the film or drama." 

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk has kept much busy this year. In addition to the film 'Josee,' which is about to be released soon, he diligently participated in works such as the drama 'Start-Up' and 'The School Nurse Files,' which both released this year. Nam Joo Hyuk stated, "As an actor in his 20s, I wanted to show the public my joy in acting as well as my effort to portray the character of each piece. I want to show everyone a new side to my self and take up the challenge in different genres."

Meanwhile, the movie 'Josee' staring Nam Joo Hyuk and Han Ji Min will premiere on December 10th. 

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