Posted by AmieAmore Friday, December 11, 2020

Fans flood to the Instagram page of BTS's style coordinator and leave numerous complaints


The worldwide K-Pop sensation BTS has made history as the group was chosen as 'Time's Entertainer of the Year.

In the photo shoot, the members are all dressed in suits showing off their charisma, but not everyone was happy about their attire.

Some fans were upset about the clothing the members were dressed in, as both international and Korean netizens noted a few alleged bad style choices. Netizens pointed out Jin's ill-fitting suit and SUGA's wrinkled pants that were not flattering at all.

Ultimately, fans discovered the stylist's Instagram page and began flooding her post with complaints about her fashion choices for the group. One netizen shared the captures of the comments left by upset fans on an online community

Korean netizens expressed their concerns saying, "I don't know why fans have to be stressed because of BTS member's clothing these days. Before, it wasn't this bad, but now the clothing doesn't fit the members properly and the pants aren't even well fitted. I'm really frustrated because it feels like you just brought any clothes and just put them on the members. Are you satisfied with the styling you did?" "Can you ask another designer to dress the boys if you can't? I can't understand the wrinkled fashion..." and "Seokjin had mentioned so many times that he wants to wear something that fits his body well. Isn't it a problem if you only take your own opinion? Please take his opinion into consideration."

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Astres_Dare4,851 pts Friday, December 11, 2020 0
Friday, December 11, 2020

I am going to just drop it here:

I would understand if it was maybe different group or BTS before 2015....but right now? BH needs BTS, so if one of the BTS members really would feel bad, he would say so.
Because BTS actually says things about BH if they do not like something, and BH admitts them or changes them. I am not into fashion, so I can not jugde if it was fashion choice.
I remember at some point V solo stans were complainig that his clothers are poorly suited too (too large) only for him to say that he actually prefers that and can easily have rushes.
So I kind of understan were they are coming from, but that is not a way to deal with it.



kpoplover308630 pts Friday, December 11, 2020 0
Friday, December 11, 2020

I only know their song Dynamite but I kind of get why their fans would be upset though I don't agree with them harassing anyone. This is fricken Time Magazine, it's literally historic because people go back to these magazines years later to see a representation of the year of that issue. Is ill fitting/baggy suits a thing/style? If I were to show this image to my non kpop friends they would laugh at their attire (we're a group of guys in our late 20s). I actually get the point of wearing suits, because suits are timeless but as someone who wears a suit and understands the proper fit of a suit this is just embarrassing.



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