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Actress Hong Soo Ah confesses that she found another woman at her boyfriend's house when she returned from China


Actress Hong Soo Ah talked about the difficulties she is experiencing with her love life. 

The actress appeared on the SBS Plus' talk show 'Kang Ho Dong's Heart of Meal' (Literal translation) and shared the story of her life.

On this day, Hong Soo Ah shared that she was lonely and even felt solitude while being in China filming alone.

Hong Soo Ah revealed that she had broken up with the boyfriend that she was dating back then because of her activities in China. 

She explained, "I had a boyfriend right before going to China. And I came back after filming a movie for a month. When I came back to Korea, my boyfriend had another woman and I caught them."

The hosts asked how she came to witness her boyfriend cheating so Hong Soo Ah said, "Women have this instinct. So I went to my boyfriend's house without telling him. And there was a woman there. He was cheating on me."

Hong Soo Ah continued to tell the story and said, "I asked my boyfriend, 'who is this woman?' at first, he said she was his cousin. But then he began becoming mad at me." The hosts became infuriated as they listened to the actress's story.

She continued, "My boyfriend asked me 'Why are you here? You made me feel lonely while you were active in China" and explained that she broke up with him after. 

She confessed that it was difficult to date people since that incident. She stated, "I wasn't able to date for a long time" to which Kim Shin Young comforted her and asked, "Then you weren't dating since?..." Hong Soo Ah made everyone laugh when she honestly answered saying, "A few years later, I dated again a few times." 

Actress Hong Soo Ah is currently appearing in the SBS morning drama 'Phoenix 2020' playing the role of Lee Ji Eun

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shoody93541 pts Tuesday, December 1, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

I could never tolerate or even forgive a cheater. Good for her she didn't stay with him. Dignity must come first!



jokbal_is_yum4,077 pts Tuesday, December 1, 2020 1
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

You did the right thing - plus, he obviously was so wrong for her, how could any man in his right mind cheat on HER?


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