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Posted by Hannah-Lee Friday, November 13, 2020

Meet the team behind BLACKPINK and TREASURE's recent projects


As K-Pop's popularity continues to expand beyond Korea, there is a greater demand for overseas K-Pop content. Luckily for international fans, MAXPERIENCE has dedicated their efforts towards helping celebrities establish themselves on the global stage. From power rookie group TREASURE to record-breaking girl group BLACKPINK, MAXPERIENCE has helped tons of artists connect with fans worldwide. Learn more about their team below!

Allkpop: Please introduce MAXPERIENCE.

Max Jang (Founder): As a celebrity agency, we provide consulting for Asian celebrities all over the world and assist them with performances, advertisements, marketing, and more. In addition to our connections with various media channels and brands, we have established a strong network of professional celebrity agents and promoters who are experts in culture and business around the world.

Allkpop: What inspired you to start MAXPERIENCE, and how did you get started?

Max Jang: The U.S. has a very well-established entertainment industry, and there are already multiple talent agencies like WME, CAA, and UTA that are helping to systematize and further advance the market. When I first started MAXPERIENCE, there were no agencies with similar systems or capabilities in Asia.

Therefore, I established MAXPERIENCE in Hong Kong with the vision of becoming a pioneer of this business in Asia. For many years, I stayed in the United States and other major countries not only in Asia but also in the Middle East, and had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people. Through these experiences, I was able to learn about different global cultures and business models that eventually allowed me to build the solid global network MAXPERIENCE has today.

Also, I was fortunate to be able to meet professionals who shared the same vision and had professional capabilities that suitable for our business — we are now one team at MAXPERIENCE.

Allkpop: What are some projects you are the most proud of?

Raymond Cho (COO): The projects that gave me the greatest sense of pride were the BLACKPINK x Jimmy Kimmel Live! and BLACKPINK x Good Morning America projects that we recently worked on. For these two projects, we responded to a direct request from YG Entertainment. The fact that they trusted our company and allowed us to oversee operations left a lasting impression on me.

Allkpop: What is your goal for the rest of 2020/2021?

Raymond Cho: In the midst of the pandemic this year, we expanded our business area from our existing business model focused on performances to one, including celebrity advertising, public relations, and consulting. By making this change, we were able to establish solid relationships with global brands and media channels.

In 2021, we will focus on organizing and diversifying these networks and direct all of our attention and capabilities towards helping more talented Asian celebrities rise to the world stage. To achieve these goals, we plan on upgrading our training system for our internal celebrity agent team and providing even more specialized direction and support.

5. What are the next steps for MAXPERIENCE? How do you envision the company growing in the future?

Max Jang: We want to become a celebrity agency that can help any celebrity with potential and talent be active on the global stage, regardless of the size of the company they belong to. We believe that managements will be able to alleviate their concerns over global promotion and monetization and be able to focus their efforts towards producing quality content.

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