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The "it girl" of K-pop's 3rd generation girl groups


As the powerful vocal girl group MAMAMOO prepares to release their new album 'Travel,' netizens discuss the "It girl" of K-pop from the third generation girl groups.

On October 25, a netizen posted on an online community about a girl group member who is the most popular in Korea these days. Many netizens agree that member Hwa Sa from MAMAMOO is the most successful girl group member as she makes various appearances in various Korean television shows.

Hwa Sa has already received much love from the Korean netizens for her Mukbang in MBC's 'I Live Alone.' Hwa Sa has even brought about a Gopchang (cattle intestines) shortage when she caused many netizens to crave the dish through one episode of the variety show.

Since then, Hwa Sa has become a member of the cast of 'I Live Alone' as she makes her frequent appearance on the show. She has also received the Best Rookie award and the Excellence Award at the MBC Entertainment Awards for her popularity in the show 'I Live Alone.'

Now, she is actively promoting with the project group Refund Sisters in the show 'Hang Out With Yoo' along with Jessi and Lee Hyori

As Hwa Sa gains more and more popularity, she was able to be in various commercials, officially solidifying her title as the most popular girl group members.

Not only is Hwa Sa successful on television, but she was also able to top the charts with her solo tracks.

Her project duet with Loco "Don't Give It To Me" was number 1 on Melon charts back in 2018 as her solo track "Maria" came in the first place as well second place for the month of July and August in 2020 on the Gaon Charts.

Many Korean netizens agree on the online community that Hwa Sa is the most well-known K-pop girl group member in Korea as she makes multiple appearances on TV. 

Netizens' Commented:

"She's so charming."

"She's the type that is good at her original profession and also has a good personality all around. So she's loved by all."

"First of all, she sings so well. And she's so funny."

"I like her a lot because she's not just some celebrity that becomes a tv personality because they're not good at their original profession. She's a good singer and is so talented."

"Wow, I didn't know she filmed this many commercials."

"She's amazing. She's my favorite girl group member. I love MAMAMOO too. They're all talented."

"She's definitely liked in whatever she does because she's good at her original job as a singer."

"She's so charming. I love her."

"She's definitely the 'It girl' of the third generation girl groups."

  2. Hwa Sa
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hotmamajama628 pts Monday, October 26, 2020 0
Monday, October 26, 2020

Hwasa's amazing, as a person and a singer. It's also great to see how openly the people have welcomed her, especially since she doesn't really conform to the usual standards of what a girl group member should be from earlier generations and is unapologetically her. Being on I Live Alone was a great decision as well, and really showed how down to earth she is behind the incredible talent and charismatic looks that she serves.



lobsi17 pts Monday, October 26, 2020 1
Monday, October 26, 2020

Pure FACTS! This girl surely has a magnanimous of a talent and power over her craft and her humble personality just makes the icing on top!!!! Absolutely love her!


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