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Former Dal Shabet member Subin sheds tears as she recalls the time she was homeless and had to stay at a 24-hour fast food store


Recently, Former Dal Shabet member Subin appeared on MBN's 'Miss Back' and shed tears recalling the times of difficulty in the past.

On October 22, a new episode of 'Miss Back' aired in which former Dal Shabet member Subin appeared and shared her story of setting up a one-person-agency.

On this day, Subin revealed that she had come to Seoul by herself to become a trainee after her parents divorced. She stated she had to become independent at the age when she was in middle school.

She also stated that she had to run her studio from her home because she did not have the finances to rent a separate studio. She stated, "I don't have enough money to pay monthly rent for a practice studio, so I set up a studio in my house because of the financial difficulties. It's a one-person agency, so my family probably had difficulties due to all the sounds, but they helped me through it a lot" and expressed her gratitude towards her family.

Subin continued to share the story of when she came to Seoul by herself to become a trainee. She stated, "after my parents divorced, I came to Seoul to start being a trainee and became independent at the age of 15. I ran out of money to pay the rent at the boarding house, but I felt bad to ask my mom for an allowance, so I stayed at a 24-hour hamburger shop after buying a cup of coffee. I would sleep there, but if I really needed to wash up, I would stay at a Sauna."

After Subin debuted with Dal Shabet, Subin became the main support for the family. Subin's mother and sister thanked Subin and stated, "We were able to move thanks to Subin. She said she wanted to lessen the burden of paying house rent." Subin's sister stated that she felt so thankful for her older sister, who supported her and allowed her to do everything. Subin's sister stated, "I feel so thankful towards Subin because she supported her younger siblings' education and allowed us to do everything we want. She played the role of the father figure for her younger siblings."

Subin burst into tears as she talked about her mother, who took care of her and her younger siblings even after the divorce. She stated, "I have a diverse relationship with my mom. We have a mother-daughter relationship. She's my mom but also my husband, my sister. I'm her husband at times as well as her sister as well. We're just one." and expressed the deep fondness and bond between her mother and her.

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vanessa-expedita1,586 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 0
Thursday, October 22, 2020

It is heartbreaking, she was so young and was already going through so many difficulties. She is a very strong woman.

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DMV2DMZ1,938 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 0
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Just hearing about the homelessness as a teen is heartbreaking. Experiencing a family divorce, on top of that, is even more tramatic. Glad she kept hope alive and made it through.

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