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Fans furious after VIXX's Leo posts a warning against private messages containing sexual harassment


On October 31, VIXX's Leo posted a warning against certain netizens sending him private messages containing sexual harassment. 

In an Instagram story post, Leo revealed a screen shot of a private message containing severe sexual harassment, and wrote, "Please, I beg of you. There's no way for me to see them all or respond to them all in the first place, but this is a place for me to communicate with Starlights and talk with them about sincere stories of the heart, so please do not act so rudely like this. I am posting a warning like this because it's not just one or two, it's many." 

[TRIGGER WARNING: Content Containing Sexual/Verbal Harassment] 

Some of the questions sent in the private message included:

"Oppa, did you just want me for my body?"
"Why are you making me ask this?"
"Why am I still nothing after all these years?"
"What did you even take me for?"
"Wasn't it suffocating, hiding in that cramped corner?"
"Oppa, I've never even seen your face properly, so why did you look at my body?"

After posting the warning on his Instagram story, Leo also took to Twitter to assure fans with remarks like, "Instead of hurting one another, let's comfort one another's hearts. I'm just going to pass it off. Just please stop. It's a precious place for us. There's not enough time in this world even for listening to the good and precious things." 

Many fans were furious seeing that certain netizens were harassing Leo through such private messages, as the idol mentioned that there were "many" such messages. They commented, 

"Those kinds of people are literally just crazy."
"Why are there so many crazy people in the world..."
"Leo put it so nicely... if that were me I would have cursed the daylight out of them."
"I think they might be mentally ill."
"Being an idol must be so hard."
"Please stop hurting innocent people and go see a doctor."
"Instagram needs to find a way for people to block DMs, this is ridiculous."
"Protect Leo TT."
"Instagram why won't you fix the DM system!"
"You can see why celebrities develop mental illnesses TT."

...and more. 

Best of luck to Leo in resolving the issues soon. 

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25 days ago
Goodness! By the title, I thought the fans were furious at Leo, but so glad I was wrong. It's so risky for an idol being on Instagram where anyone can DM you, but like he said, it's also a place where you can connect well with your fans. The people that leave these kinds of messages are terrible and should reevaluate their choices.


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25 days ago

seek help immediately...



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