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Comedian Jung Joo Ri's Instagram photo leads netizens to think that she's getting mistreated by her husband


Comedian Jung Joo Ri's now-deleted Instagram post has infuriated netizens.

Recently, Jung Joo Ri took to Instagram where she uploaded a screenshot of KakaoTalk messages sent from her husband. In the screenshot of the chat,the husband wrote to Jung Joo Ri:

"Hey Mom*. I was tired today. I am leaving you pizza and chicken. We're going to sleep. Be disgraced.**"

(*dialect word used by in-laws (usually the mother-in-law) to their daughter-in-law 

**literal translation is 'be violated or be humiliated' but used figuratively when telling someone 'deal with it')

Along with the screenshot, Jung Joo Ri uploaded a photo of the leftovers that her husband referred to. In the photo, some pizza slices with disfigured toppings and half-eaten chicken pieces remain in the box. Next to the foods were also used napkins and a pair of dirty scissors. 

In the captions, Jung Joo Ri wrote, with an angry tone, "Where's the cheese topping? Am I raising a mouse in this house? You want me to finish eating off of those chicken bones?" and added sarcastically, "Meanwhile, you left two of my favorite chicken wings...thanks". The hashtags also read "#DevotedHusband, #TheSourceOfAllMyMisery".

Netizens who saw this post began to wonder if Jung Joo Ri was getting proper respect from her spouse. Some judged that she was getting blatantly mistreated. Although the comedian's tone was half-sarcastic and half-humorous, the overall negative connotations worried netizens. Some comments include, "Eww...I can't even look at the photo; imagine eating it", "Why are they putting dirty napkins next to the food she needs to eat??"

Furthermore, the comedian recently appeared on a variety program and confessed her hardships as a mother of three children. She ended up shedding tears as she lamented about how difficult it has been, working and taking care of the children for several years.

Meanwhile, other netizens are saying that one shouldn't meddle with other celebrities' private family affairs. Some understood her post as a playful joke meant to be laughed off. In fact, Jung Joo Ri uploaded a follow-up post that seemed to clear up the 'misunderstanding', and added the hashtags to the original post: "#LaughItOff. #MyHusbandTriesHardToCreateEpisodesOnInsta".

It also appeared that Jung Joo Ri's husband also bought her queen crab the next day, confirming that they were not disputing at the moment. Nevertheless, some netizens continued to leave comments such as: "This is no joke tho, the husband is neglecting his wife. I don't like his tone of speech, and how can anyone leave the mom leftover chicken bones and topping-less pizza??", "She must have been exhausted all the time taking care of the little ones.....and yet this is what she's getting in return?"

What do you think of this issue?

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nina97x8,324 pts Sunday, September 27, 2020 4
Sunday, September 27, 2020

Throw the husband away along with dirty napkins and left overs.


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YuYanGz564 pts Sunday, September 27, 2020 3
Sunday, September 27, 2020

I feel that she's pretending to be joking and laugh off but inner side she's wishing for help.


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