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#BoycottNCTVoting trends on Twitter Worldwide as fans are against voting for the members for NCT's next promotion


Recently, many NCT fans have been upset with the new voting system that SM Entertainment introduced for NCT 2020 promotion. 

NCT is a group that is produced by SM Entertainment adapting the Japanese idol system for the first time in Korea. There are various unit groups that are formed under the umbrella of NCT. This includes the NCT 127, the group promoting mainly in Korea with fixed members, NCT's WayV, the group promoting in China with fixed members, NCT Dream and NCT U.

NCT Dream and NCT U are groups that SM Entertainment wanted to adapt to the rotation system that is used in Japan. NCT Dream was formed in a system where the members "graduate" once they reach the age of 20 since the group concept was teenage boys. Mark was a member who should have graduated from this group, however, to the fans disapproval, SM Entertainment changed the system.

NCT U took on the rotational system that SM Entertainment wanted to attempt for the longest time. NCT U will have a rotation of members depending on the song but maintains the group under the name of NCT. Also, SM Entertainment made the system for NCT to have new members whenever they think it's necessary.

In turn, there has been a new addition to the NCT groupSungchan and Shotaro. Since the announcement of the new members, fans and netizens have been expressing some mixed feelings about them on online communities. While some netizens welcome the new members, others have been stating negative comments about the new members.

However, #BoycottNCTVoting began trending on Twitter when SM Entertainment decided to take the rotational system and adapt in the next promotion for NCT 2020.

Many fans were very upset when SM Entertainment introduced a voting system in which fans vote for which member will participate in various promotions. Fans would have to insert the serial number provided by the NCT albums at the NCT 2020 website. This will take them to a page where they can vote for which promotion activity they want NCT to do such as costume video chat fan signing event, mobile game contest, 24-hour relay cam, or pajama party.

Many fans were satisfied they are able to choose the type of promotion activity the members would do. However, fans were upset when they move on to the next voting stage where they would have to vote for the members who can participate in the three special promotion activities.

Many Korean netizens were upset with the system since the members who do not get enough votes will not be able to participate in the promotion as much. One netizen pointed out on an online community, "They just added two new members, they're not going to get many votes since they were just added. This system doesn't seem fair. Also, other members who don't get many votes won't appear as much either."

This dissatisfaction with the new promotion system spread across the globe as well, as international fans are participating in the movement to boycott the NCT voting.

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nina97x13,031 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 10
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

That’s so messed up... I need to look into more but this rotational system seems wrong...At least survival shows have an ending period. It seems with NCT your fate is always unknown I feel sorry for them and their fans.

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jaehyunluv178 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 9
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ummm, I'm really confused. Why mess with something that was already working great? I dont mind new members just as long as I get to still see the existing ones perform and participate in activities.

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