Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Netizens ask people 'uncertain' about the new NCT members Sungchan & Shotaro to remember one thing


Back on September 22, the faces of NCT's two newest members - Sungchan and Shotaro - were revealed for the first time ever in an official teaser film for NCT 2020's comeback.

Immediately afterward, netizens flocked to online communities and SNS platforms, raising up heated discussions about the new NCT members and their possible roles, their skill levels, training experience, and of course, their visuals. 

Many fans and anti-fans alike who are opposed to the idea of NCT's "unlimited member lineup" system also began attacking the new members with malicious comments, causing divides among communities and even among NCTzens. 

Now, some fans have decided to remind other NCTzens to reconsider before "dismissing the new members without getting to know them"

These fans pointed out that when Jungwoo was first added to NCT and then later NCT 127, he was also attacked with severe malicious comments and doubts even from fans. 

After enduring the doubts, cold treatments, and malicious attacks of netizens, Jungwoo had a chance to honestly address NCTzens after wrapping up his first concert as a member of NCT 127. He said, "I'm so honored to be able to stand on such a huge stage, even though I joined late... I'm sorry, I know I don't deserve to cry..."

Fans added on that numerous times during his early promotion days, Jungwoo often talked about how "undeserving" he was of being in NCT, and sternly warned everyone to "keep your dismissive comments to yourself, don't post something unnecessary online".

Others agreed with, "Seriously, those kids who were chosen to join the group have no fault", "Please if you're a fan, don't write malicious things, keep it to yourself", "By now we should all remember that Doyoung, Johnny, Jungwoo, they all dealt with really bad malicious comments when they joined", "Watching this video again is making me cry again TT", "Exactly, we have no idea how much these new members practiced to join the group, so no matter how much you hate the system, don't attack the members", "I really wish SM would stop with this crap too but we all know by now that NCT's members are unlimited, and we still stan them so just suck it up and stop making the members feel bad", etc.

Meanwhile, NCT's first new Japanese member Shotaro was born in 2000, and his specialty is dance. The team's second new Korean member Sungchan was born in 2001, boasting handsome visuals, tall proportions, and confident rap skills. 

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Purpleheart36086 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 11
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Why are people still triggered with the introduction of new members each time? NCT's concept has been explained time and time again. There are videos and ven diagrams even for new fans. Its 2020 guys just get over it.

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popularit8,074 pts Wednesday, September 23, 2020 3
Wednesday, September 23, 2020

facts they havent done anything wrong and yall knew damn well what yall was getting into when yall joined this fandom tf like do yall need nct to explain the concept to yall for the nth fucking time

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