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Trot singer Kim Ho Joong admits to illegal gambling and netizens petition for him to leave KBS


As trot singer Kim Ho Joong becomes involved in various controversies such as illegal gambling, conflict with his manager, and even suspicions of physical abuse, netizens have created a petition to have the singer be expelled from KBS.

On August 19th KST, a netizen created a petitioned titled "We request singer Kim Ho Joong to be expelled from KBS" on the KBS Viewers' Rights Center website.

In the petition, the netizen stated, "It was great discomfort when a singer who was under suspicions of not serving his mandatory military service came to sing at the Liberation Day celebration. We have various singers who have already completed the military service for their nation. I am very curious why a singer involved in various controversy was invited as a special singer" and the netizen criticized the broadcast station.

Also, singer Kim Ho Joong has also been criticized for having a massive fan meeting during the coronavirus outbreak. While the number of infections is increasing in Korea, Kim Ho Joong held his fan meeting on a large scale at a stadium for three days in a row. 

The singer is currently involved in various other controversies and suspicions - controversies over the period of time he was involved with a gang, the legal conflict he has with his manager, and the suspicions of not serving the mandatory military service. Also, Kim Ho Joong's ex-girlfriend exposed the singer stating that he had allegedly abused her when they were dating.

The petitioner said, "The current broadcasting law also stipulates that crimes and immoral acts or gambling should not be encouraged. we ask that the broadcast station give a convincing answer on why the public broadcaster KBS, has chosen such a singer who is involved in so many suspicions, gossip, lies, and crimes to be part of a national event. KBS is known to hold the principles of 'fair and sound broadcasting culture'."

The petitioner continued to state, "Currently, it is known that the singer has been reported to be running illegal gambling sites and is in need to be investigated. However, he is still scheduled to make an appearance at the 'Trot National Festival' that is being planned by KBS. If the broadcast company fails to show a responsible action, they may not be able to sustain their image as a reliable broadcaster. We request a formal investigation through due process of the Korea Communications Commission or the Blue House in the future."

Finally, the petitioner urged, "The public broadcaster KBS to suspend singer Kim Ho Joong indefinitely until all suspicions are cleared up ▶ If he is found guilty of these suspicions, then the singer must be expelled permanently ▶ Be responsible as a public broadcaster for the above petition."

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yeahkpop162,545 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It's so easy to derail someone's career as a celebrity in korean entertainment. Just raise "suspicions." He's been riding the current popularity of trot (which may or may not last). Before that, no one said "boo" about him.



jkjkjk88893 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 1
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I still remember him from star king. damn time flies


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