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Controversy rises after Red Velvet's Joy is seen wearing a T-shirt with the phrase "We Should All Be Feminists"


There is controversy over Red Velvet member Joy after she posted a series of photos on her Instagram. 

In the series of photos, Joy is seen wearing a simple t-shirt under a grey suit jacket. These were seen as the photos from the day when Joy and Seulgi were anointed as ambassadors for the 'Blue Sky For All' day, which takes place on September 7th and is a day to promote clean air in Korea.

The issue in question is when a netizen realized that Joy was wearing a feminist t-shirt that had the phrase "We should all be Feminists".

The netizen posted on an online community these photos along with the photo of the Dior T-shirt as the controversy heightened. The post stated "Joy is being selfish" as this T-shirt can affect her group, Red Velvet, as they promote.

Currently, there are divided opinions over Joy's T-shirt. While some state, "Joy is being selfish since she knows that the shirt is controversial but still chooses to wear it and affect her group members" and criticize the artist, others state, "What's wrong with the T-Shirt? She probably wore it because it is sponsored."

However, many netizens state that the T-shirt is probably not sponsored since Joy did not tag the brand on her photo. Usually, Joy tags the brand if the clothing has been sponsored by a certain brand. Joy was previously known to tag Dior on her Instagram to let fans know that it was a paid sponsorship.

Some people in Korea see feminism with a negative perception as feminist women are portrayed as headstrong and demanding. Therefore, any celebrity associated with being feminist is seen as such an image, in turn, affecting their careers negatively. Therefore, a girl group member seen wearing such a shirt can cause such controversy.

Meanwhile, Joy's "We should all be Feminist" T-shirt is being sold on the Dior website and is currently selling for 860 USD.

Netizens' commented:

"This is going to affect the rest of the group, why is she wearing it?"

"Joy is for sure a feminist. This is clear evidence."

"A girl group has the guts to show they are feminist. all their fans will leave."

"She's so selfish, she knows this will cause controversy but she still chose to wear it."

"I'm going to switch over to being a BLACKPINK fan."
"People are making a big deal over nothing. Who cares if she wears that shirt?"

"What's wrong with wearing that shirt?"

"Isn't she wearing it because it's sponsored?"

"She's still pretty in it."

"I think everyone knew Joy was a feminist already. She clicked 'like' on a feminist's post before."

"As long as she doesn't affect her members.."

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allcomingupdubu666 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 38
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Feminism is the belief that women should be equal with men. Whilst it's true some feminists portray a violent and demanding persona that is not the definition of the term nor the full representation of those who identify with it. People think that because the not so great are the loudest. We should all be feminists, the real kind, the kind that believe women should be equal. Maybe some of us already are, Joy is entitled to her opinion and I agree with it. There is nothing wrong with this shirt.

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Nct_and_Wayv5,731 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 16
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Bro what is wrong with Koreans????? Leave the girl alone. You people be shitting on Irene first for reading a book and now you be shitting on Joy for wearing a shirt. Jeez take a chill pill and mind your own business.

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