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Jeon Kwang Hoon, the president of the Christian Council of Korea, tests positive for COVID19 and seen with his mask down


Pastor Jeon Kwang Hoon, the incumbent President of the Christian Council of Korea and the head pastor of Love First Church tested positive for COVID19.

Korean netizens are baffled as Jeon Kwang Hoon was recently photographed without fully wearing a mask even after he tested positive.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongbuk Province District Office on August 17th, pastor Jeon Kwang Hoon underwent a COVID19 diagnostic test at a hospital in Gwanak, Seoul, and was tested positive that afternoon.

The pastor's wife, identified only by her surname Seo, is also said to have been tested positive along with the pastor's secretary. In response, the three people, including a pastor and his wife, were transferred to a medical center in Seoul for a quarantined treatment.

While in the process of being transferred, pastor Jeon was seen boarding on an ambulance with his mask on his chin and not over his mouth.

Many Korean netizens and citizens are criticizing the pastor for his actions as he does not properly wear a mask even after being tested positive for the virus.

Pastor Jeon Kwang Hoon has been the center of various controversies as he is known as the pastor who stated, "I have a grasp on God's throne. God stay still, I'll kill you if you mess with me. That's how close I am with God." He has been criticized by many, including eight denominations under Council of Countermeasure Committees Against Heresy, saying he has committed blasphemy.

Meanwhile, the quarantine authorities stated that the number of confirmed cases related to Sarang First Church reached 319 as of midnight. This is the second-largest case of mass infection in Korea that occurred in a church. 

Many netizens are wary as there has been a surge in COVID19 cases in the Seoul Metropolitan area and most of these cases occurred in churches. Pastor Jeon Kwang Hoon's church, Sarang First Church, planned a weekend rally despite the mass gathering ban from the government.

Netizens' commented

"Do we have to cure this brazen, shameless monster? Can't we lock him up with all his church members who attended the mass gathering?"

"Please wake up? I think it'll help everyone if he just dies. Seriously has no conscience."

"These religious bodies need to cooperate with the government. the government told their church not to have a gathering but they still did."

"Stop affecting others. Just die by yourself."

"This is making so frustrated and angry."

"This guy is human trash. So shameless, so brazen. He doesn't need treatment."

"Seeing this guy makes me realize that people don't become adults just because they become older."

"He's not a pastor. He's satan. How can he act like that when he's a pastor."

"Those people should pay out of their pocket to get treatment. Not get free treatment from the government."

"We need to send him to jail. I thought the virus was dying down in Korea but this guy's church is spreading it again."

"He seems so leisurely when getting on the ambulance when he just got tested positive."

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pink_oracle11,116 pts Monday, August 17, 2020 4
Monday, August 17, 2020

Korea really needs to do something about it's cult problem.


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AegyoFree788 pts Monday, August 17, 2020 0
Monday, August 17, 2020

Crazy evangelical thinks he's above the law. Colour me surprised at the entitlement.



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