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Billboard Under Fire For Manipulating Voting Polls.


Billboard are under fire from multiple fandoms after they manipulated voting polls.

Today (August, 4) BIGBANG fandom VIPs were shocked by sudden changes in the voting numbers in a voting poll about "Best Boy Band Album in the Last 30 Years" since the poll started, BIGBANG's album Made, was leading the poll with over 45% voting percentage for weeks, suddenly today Billboard deleted almost all voting which resulted fall from number one to seven, and voting went from 45% to 2%! 

Which caused huge anger from fans asking Billboard to explain, and trended a hashtag #Billboard Explain that is later joined by other fandoms that experience the same situation. As Winner was leading another poll with huge percentage, just to be deleted and fall to 4th place, both polls ended up having Winner and BIGBANG losing over 90% of votes and to another artist to rise to number one.

Losing the number one and falling to second place is normal, but for the artists who are leading both polls to suddenly lose all the votings and fell from the top to out of top 3 and one artist took their place, isn't normal, is Billboard playing favoritism in these polls?

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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Any percentage loss will be normal, even if it's 50%. But losing over 90% in small time while others remain the almost same numbers, is a little off, especially for a poll that's been open for 2-3 weeks, it will take longer time to any part to lose %. So something definitely off in those polls. Probably it ran by a biased one person, and since Billboard don't pay attention to these things, that person play it how he likes. I just hope Billboard will see this thing and look into it, even delete the voting thing, it's useless.



XXEliteXXAceXX284 pts Tuesday, August 4, 2020 1
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Why are people angry over the fact that some may find these results 'questionable'? It's valid from an unbiased standpoint. For those who 'claim' they understand percentages, keep in mind that percentages don't change drastically when there is a high sample size (# of voters).

In this case, the poll has been out for weeks so chances are, there are already a lot of voters. Thus, a few hours shouldn't see this significant of a change. Now, it is possible that these votes were deleted due to bots and duplicate voting. So, I wouldn't start accusing different fandoms yet.

Either way, I've said this before and I'll say it again. Billboard polls are pretty much meaningless as their only purpose is to generate more clout for themselves...


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