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Netizens find NCT members reenacting their childhood photos to be so cute


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community, photos of NCT as they reenact their baby pictures. These were photos from a while back when NCT decided to post these baby reenactment photos to celebrate children's day two years ago.

As NCT gains more popularity, the netizen reposted these photos admiring the members having good looks even when they were young.

Here are the photos of the members of NCT:

TEN (Born Feb 27, 1996)

Haechan (Born June 6, 2000)

Jaemin (Born August 13, 2000)

Renjun (Born March 23, 2000)

Chenle (Born November 22, 2001)

KUN (Born January 1, 1996)

Taeil (Born June 14, 1994)

Jisung (Born February 5, 2002)

Jeno (Born April 23, 2000)

Jaehyun (Born February 14, 1997)

Lucas (Born January 25, 1999)

Winwin (Born October 28, 1997)

Yuta (Born October 26, 1995)

Mark (Born August 2, 1999)

Jungwoo (Born February 19, 1998)

Johnny (Born February 9, 1995)

Taeyong (Born July 1, 1995)

Doyoung (Born February 1, 1996)

Netizens can't believe how stylish these members look. Netizens were commenting that these members couldn't hind their good looks and were born to be celebrities.

Netizens comments:

"Wow, Doyoung is super hip even when he was young. His clothes are like today's clothes."

"Johnny looks so good looking when he was a baby. He looks like some prince."

"Looks like Johnny is wearing the same hat from when he was young."

"TEN is still pretty but he was really pretty as a baby."

"All the members grew up just as they looked when they were babies."

"I was looking at all the photos thinking they're all so cute but then Lucas is too good-looking."
"Jaehyun looks the same. lol."

"Dang, why are these babies so good looking."

  1. NCT
  2. Taeyong
  3. Jeno
  4. Jaehyun
  5. Mark
  6. Jisung
  7. Doyoung
  8. TEN
  9. Yuta
  10. Lucas
  11. Chenle
  12. Haechan
  13. Jaemin
  14. Winwin
  15. Taeil
  16. Jungwoo
  17. Renjun
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athalia-b1,130 pts Thursday, July 23, 2020 0
Thursday, July 23, 2020

how are they all so cute!??!!?!? they are so adorable! ^^



kxk11,875 pts Thursday, July 23, 2020 3
Thursday, July 23, 2020

oh my god so adorable


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