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Jo Kwon claims to be 'Genderless' and felt a "catharsis" while performing in the musical 'Jamie'


"Being gender-less is strength and my weapon. Before I was afraid of having an androgynous image. When people said I looked like a woman, I used to say I don't. Now I don't do that. I'm honored if they say I look like actress Choi Ji Woo or Taeyeon now. I think I came to accept who I am. Gender-less will be the weapon to last a long time in this era" - Jo Kwon.

Jo Kwon is performing as the protagonist to the musical 'Jamie' and has revealed his thoughts about the musical previously.

People have complimented the artist saying he will be the true embodiment of the character when he was cast as the protagonist. Jo Kwon had previously been the hot topic back in 2012 when he appeared wearing high heels on stage while he performed his track "Animal" from this solo album 'I am the One'. Jo Kwon had revealed that his role model is Lady Gaga who is known to wear grandiose costumes as she performs.

Jo Kwon stated, "There are drag queens as well as drag kings (people who deviate from gender stereotypes and performs as a masculine drag). There are girlish men and there are boyish women. There are many men who are interested in beauty, so more people will come to accept 'Jamies' with an open heart as the era changes."

There was a time Jo Kwon was part of Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that produced the boy group BTS. There was a time when executive producer, Bang Si Hyuk asked Jo Kwon a question while Jo Kwon was preparing for his single album. He was asked "Do you want to go the complete commercialized direction? Or do you want to do what you want to do?" Jo Kwon was well known in the entertainment industry but he answered he wanted to do something he wanted, which was doing something like Lady Gaga.

That's when Bang Si Hyuk warned Jo Kwon there will be much controversy that will come. He said "Kwon, listen. There is going to be a large ripple if a stone falls into a calm river. It's going to take some time." Then producer Bang gifted Jo Kwon with his first high heel shoes.

Jo Kwon stated that he feels the world is changing in this era. As BTS gained worldwide popularity, Jo Kwon's song "Animal" is gaining interest as well since BTS member J-Hope featured in the song.

Jo Kwon stated, "Of course, it's all thanks to BTS but I'm still glad 'Animal' is becoming recognized. I feel the perspective of our country (of Korea) will change a little bit. I felt happy when people told me their glad to see the 'Jamie' played by Jo Kwon and when people tell me that they feel happy living in the same era as me after seeing 'Jamie'."

Jo Kwon also stated that he felt a sort of duty to send a message to all the 'Jamies' in Korea and all over the world. He stated, "These days I feel a value in the spotlight as I take on the role of someone's life. I realize this is a very meaningful occupation. But I told Jamie Cambell that if the musical 'Jamie' wasn't produced that a musical titled 'Jo Kwon' would have been produced in the future."

Jo Kwon also revealed that he was living according to other people's perspectives when he was in his 20s. He stated "It was the same when I was promoting as 2AM and when I was a trainee. I think I lived trying to satisfy other people so there was no 'me'." He continued to state, "What I want to do during my 30s is to tell the story of the person named Jo Kwon. So I'm thankful because I feel I am able to."

Jo Kwon stated that he feels sort of a superior feeling as he appears in the musical 'Jamie' after he was discharged from the mandatory military service. He stated, "I feel a catharsism while performing as Jamie."

He stated "I admire the character of Jamie Cambell who is an actual person. So the musical starts with Jamie saying 'Right, I'm gay'. I feel the most excited when I kick while wearing high heels. I do know that rumors and gossips come with this occupation. However, you feel unjust of those rumors are not true.  So when Jamie is confident and cool-headed, I feel he is similar to I am. But I think his courage and confidence is far greater."

Jo Kwon concluded the interview by saying "There are so many various people such as a man, woman, people from all sorts of gender minority, disabled, or from a multi-cultural family. We all look different, walk differently. Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you need to have long hair and just because you're a man doesn't mean you can't put on makeup. High heels aren't just meant for women or soccer shoes are not only meant for men. I wish everyone respects everyone else for who they are."

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Thursday, July 30, 2020

They need to change the title of this article. "Claims to be 'genderless'" should be changed to "comes out as genderless". This title makes it seem like the topic is up for debate or that the concept of genderless doesn't exist. It's rude.


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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Heck yeah, Jo Kwon!!!



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