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Hong Jin Young's sister Hong Sun Young responds to netizen's message telling her not to appear on television


Hong Jin Young's sister Hong Sun Young publicized a message sent from an anonymous netizen.

On July 6 KST, Hong Sun Young took to Instagram and posted several screenshots containing a message expressing anger towards the public figure. The anonymous netizen wrote with a bitter tone, criticizing Hong Sun Young for appearing on television as a person with "no talent," "unlikable," and "not prettier" than her sister, Hong Jin Young.

The message also contained phrases such as: "Can't you please stop appearing on television? I'm telling you because even though I try not to watch you, you keep appearing in articles online.", "I swear on my mother's life that you are really ugly, even if you were to lose weight.", "I beg you please. If someone like you with no talent comes out on TV, there are so many others with talent who cannot come out just because they are not blood-related to a celebrity".

To this message, Hong Sun Young responded in the captions: "I got hurt for the first time in a while. What did I do so wrong... Anger doesn't really help... When I think of you every time you say something harsh as I'm on TV, I feel pain. But you've gone too far this time. We were probably people who loved each other in our previous life? Please stop hating me... I didn't do anything wrong but if you're remorseful just by looking at me...I'm a human too...so, it's...yeah. 

"You, who keeps hating me.. If you meet me in the streets, buy me chicken breasts. Be healthy. I'm gonna be home for now... Depressed all of a sudden. Sigh."

Hong Sun Young became a publicly well-known figure after making a steady appearance on SBS's 'My Ugly Duckling' with her sister. Despite certain controversies in the past, the figure has intermittently made headlines online, proving her influence as a television star. 

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Netizens piece Of Shit and trash


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Monday, July 6, 2020

This is pathetic, disgusting, and unbelievable! If you don't want to see her don't watch the show she appears in, or don't watch her part! Why do people do that? Aren't they ashamed of themselves? Seriously?? Commenting under her IG and DMing her such hate words! To those dumb heads, Get a life cuz you look like you have none wasting your time obsessing about and judging who must appear on TV!


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