Posted by haydn-an Thursday, July 2, 2020

Enraged fans bring a protest truck in front of the Big Hit Entertainment Building


Fans are enraged at Big Hit Entertainment and have sent a protest truck to stand in front of the company building.

On June 29th, Big Hit Entertainment posted an update of their legal proceedings against the netizens of malicious activities

However, some fans of the group BTS were angered by the sluggish response of its agency Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter Big Hit) to the malicious commenters and the same announcement posted pertaining to the legal matters.

The fans who could not wait any longer for Big Hit's response gathered together and staged a truck protest. 

The protesting truck is parked right outside of the company building and shows slides with lines stating "Have you tried to understand fans and tried to communicate with fans????", "Who have you communicated with?", "We are demanding quick feedback and the release of detailed disclosure of the process and results of the charges."

On the banner, right underneath the screen, the quote reads "Incompetent Big Hit protect your artists. Allow the third round of charges."

Big Hit has responded and revealed through Weverse that they are currently taking legal procedures.

However, the fans are claiming that many haters are still active without receiving any legal punishments despite the reports and appeals made by the fans. Thus, the fans have planned this protest hoping to bring a difference to the situation.

Netizens commented:

"Good job with the protesting truck!"

"I'm tired of this. The fans have been constantly requesting for all the haters to be sued."

"Why can't all the haters that harass the members be sued? isn't this what this truck is trying to say?"

"I think this truck is a good idea if it gets Big Hit moving. The haters get sued and the members are left alone. Everyone's happy. The end."

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Dino_Saur1,394 pts Thursday, July 2, 2020 13
Thursday, July 2, 2020

do people not understand how hard it is to sue hate commentators? you need to first identify all the comments by them, determine if they are severe enough, find the identity of the person, and then legally prosecute the correct punishment for them. AND THIS IS FOR EACH COMMENTATOR. suing isn't easy, there are a lot of strenuous steps to it. also, each comment is unique, which means that evaluating the punishment for each individual case is VERY HARD. and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

big hit can't sue every single hate commentator. but they can sue the worst of the worst. people need to stop sending EVERY single instance of hate to big hit. they can't possibly check all of them, and they need to prosecute the ones that are saying the worst first.

the legal process is long and strenuous. one commentator can take days to weeks to prosecute. just give them time smh.


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Fnby10101,894 pts Thursday, July 2, 2020 10
Thursday, July 2, 2020

What do they mean sue every hater?? What do they sue them for?? Most of them are probably little teenagers that think its funny to send hate. I dont think they're gonna go through every single hate comment and try to sue the person. Just seems like a waste of time. Haters are always gonna be there even if you try to get rid of them.


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