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'Nth Telegram Room' main perpetrator Joo Jin Mo (Baksa) says he targeted BTS fan cafes for victims


New reports state that the 'Nth Telegram Room' main perpetrator Joo Joo Bin (also known as Baksa) would case BTS fan cafe members and BJ's (internet streamers) to extort and use. 

According to Seo Seung Hee, the head of the Korean Cyber Sex Violence Response Center, stated that the Baksa would target women in there teens and twenties by going to idol fan cafes and manipulating victims into giving him revealing photos in which he would blackmail them with. This was a technique that Baksa used often, with many instances in which the victims didn't know their videos or photos were being traded on Telegram. 

However, due to the low understanding of 'online grooming' in Korean culture and that it isn't a crime in Korea. Seo explained that if online grooming is not criminalized, the risk of sexual exploitation and victim-blaming would increase. Seo revealed that many of the sexually exploited victims would meet with lawyers and the lawyers would state it is the victim's fault for letting this happen. There are also cases of misunderstandings from online grooming where the perpetrators trick the victim into thinking that they're in a one-to-one relationship to obtain nude photos and videos that they will share in the Telegram chatrooms. Without proper legislation regarding online grooming, Seo insists it will be hard to fix the wrong misconceptions of sexual assault victims. 

The UN Committee on Child Rights has strongly recommended that South Korea take action in regard to the issue of online grooming last October after monitoring the seriousness of the situation. Seo hopes that a positive effect will take place due to new legislation and action taken against the perpetrators of sexual crimes, saying that there needs to be reflection on how women are treated in a wrong manner in order to address the continued sexual exploitation of children and females. 

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Thursday, April 23, 2020

Grooming isn't a recognised crime in SK?? That's unacceptable.


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Thursday, April 23, 2020

he is so ugly i cant bruh punchable face levels on a 1000


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