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NCT Dream choose their favorite songs from 'Reload' + share behind stories from comeback MV filming set


NCT Dream will be dropping their new mini album 'Reload' in a matter of hours, on April 29 at 6 PM KST!

In light of their new album release, the NCT Dream members participated in a Q&A to explain some key points about their comeback title track "Ridin'", name their other favorite songs from 'Reload', and more!

Check out the interview below. 

Q: What type of song is your title track "Riding'"? What did you think of it when you first heard it?

A: Renjun - "It is full of heat. The first time I heard it, I felt strength rising in my body."

Jaemin - "I thought that the song would showcase NCT Dream's growth on another level. When I first heard the song, it left a very powerful impression so I thought, 'How can we do such a powerful concept!'." 

Q: What is the point choreography of your title track "Riding'"?

A: Jisung - "We prepared diligently so that through this performance, we would not only show our synergy as NCT Dream but also highlight each individual member's charms."

Chenle - "In the chorus part of the song, there's a spot where we act like we're 'Riding'' with a special move. It's an easy and fun point move." 

Q: Other than the title song, which other songs from this album would you recommend?

A: Heachan - "There are a lot of good songs on this album, but I like 'Love Again' because it's upbeat and it captures our refreshing charms."

Jeno - "I like 'Puzzle Piece' so I would recommend it. " 

Jaemin - "I want to suggest '7 Days'. I think it's perfect for listening to on a sunny day like this.?"

Q: What memorable behind-the-scenes stories do you have from your new album preparation set?

A: Jeno - "First, I was glad to have participated in writing the lyrics for 'Puzzle Piece', and I also had fun riding in the car during the MV, with all the members vibing."

Haechan - "I gained energy when Mark-hyung came to the MV filming set to cheer us on, and Doyoung-hyung also sent us drinks." 

Jisung - "When monitoring the filming progress, I remember being shocked at how great we looked." 

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