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LISA pushes trainees to learn choreography moves faster and clip "LISA becomes a tough mentor" goes viral


LISA (Blackpink) is doing her best as a mentor in "Youth with You" (Idol Producer) survival show. LISA is very strict and she pushes trainees to their limits just to make sure they will learn choreography moves faster.

iQIYI released clip that focuses on mentor Lisa's teaching methods. This cut from 8th episode quickly went viral and it already has more than 1500000 views on youtube. Many of the trainees that are rappers or vocalist felt pressured because they've never learned such long choreography that needs to be performed on high intensity.

LISA told many trainees that they need to work harder and gave them key pointers on how to dance correctly or which girl in their class they should follow as a "role model". 

Do you like harsh-honesty of Lisa?

You can watch the clip here (it may be geo-blocked so click play and then pick watch on youtube):

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Honestly I wasn't to sure on them bringing Lisa on to this show because of the obvious language barrier between her and the rest of the trainees. And even though there are a handful of Kpop idols/trainees who speak Korean, they can't use it on broadcast. I was worried it would be hard for Lisa to get her point across and for the girls to pick up what she wants them to do but so far, I think its been going pretty well. Lisa's more than qualified to teach dance and her cut-throat tough love approach isn't out of the ordinary in this industry. When you only have 3 days to learn a dance and there's 109 trainees all vying for that coveted center spot, there is no time to take things easy. Lisa is just teaching them the same way she was taught and it shows that its working since the girls are getting it.

Also sidenote: props to the editors of this show for meticulously editing the show so seamlessly that it almost looks like the Trainees can all understand english and Thai and Lisa can understand Mandarin when in reality there's likely a translator translating between each shot that they just edit out so it looks like when Lisa says something in Thai and the girls nod (or vise versa) understanding it.


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Sunday, April 5, 2020

i think it’s good the way she’s teaching them, i mean if you have a background in dance (or anything like that) you’d know that this teaching style isn’t ‘harsh’ at all.

besides, the contestants want to be idols, so they should train like idols.



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