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Fans ask SM to protect Taeyong as the person who revealed the alleged bullying incident says they attempted suicide due to severe harassment from fans


Fans are asking SM to protect Taeyong as the person who revealed the alleged bullying incident revealed they attempted suicide after experiencing severe harassment from NCT fans.

Taeyong was previously under heavy controversy after reports circulated that he was a perpetrator of school violence and homophobia. On April 29, a community post on Nate Pann went viral due to its content related to the incident. The post says that after Taeyong apologized to the bully-victim, NCT fans harassed the person who revealed the incident and called the person a liar. A hospital document was included stating that the individual attempted suicide. 

The poster states that when the bullying victim went to meet Taeyong believing that it was a private meeting, but was ambushed with the fact that the meeting was set up by a reporter, which led to the articles about Taeyong's apology. In addition, five lawyers from SM came to find the victim, leaving them in a situation where they cannot defend themselves publicly. Meanwhile, fans found the home and workplace of the friend who exposed the news, robbed them, and used the fact that they were a sexual assault victim to harass them, leading to the suicide attempt documented above.

When asked if Taeyong sincerely apologized, the informant expressed their frustration at the entire situation, stating: "The victim and I are the only ones who know well if Lee Tae Yong sincerely apologized or not, but to say more about the issue will just lead to harm for my friend and me as well so I'm sorry I can't say much. The only thing certain is that the victim is hurting a lot."

"My friend and I also feel really frustrated when we see posts saying Lee Tae Yong is hurting. Why is everyone lying to defend him?"

"A couple of months have passed and lawsuits for severe malicious comments are in progress... but is everyone on Nate Pann like this? Lee Tae Yong met the victim and acknowledged all three incidents and apologized, but no one even believes that and keeps saying that I am the perpetrator. That comment is a recent one too and that person even met Lee Tae Yong with me. I'm suffering a lot because of the investigation and still... why are you still trying to discredit me? The people saying I'm fake are so much worse so why? I had to change my name and phone number because I'm a sexual assault victim... and I have to ask people not to rob me. But that's seen as raking in pity? I'm having a hard time so this might not seem legitimate. I'm sorry. No matter what I say I get cursed at now."

Since the post has gone viral on Nate Pann, NCT fans are taking to Twitter using the hashtag #SM_이태용_지켜 (SM_Protect_Taeyong) after the new allegations have arisen, stating that Taeyong should be protected from malicious and false claims. The hashtag is trending worldwide and garnered the support of global fans.

News articles from the past stating that Taeyong admitted to the claims of school violence and apologized have also resurfaced. 

"Taeyong met the victim at which 'Wikitree' was present. Taeyong admitted to all his past controversies and apologized."

"NCT's Taeyong, school violence, and homophobic claims lead to controversy. Directly apologizes to victims."

Netizens have since been commenting on the viral post, saying:

"I think the victim is really having a hard time given that Taeyong is doing well."

"Aren't some of these fans crazy?"

"I don't understand why people are denying this?"

"My heart hurts so much..."

What do you think of this complicated situation? 

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kboojsph320 pts Wednesday, April 29, 2020 28
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

"fans found the person's home and workplace, robbed them, and used the fact that they were a sexual assault victim to harass him, leading to a suicide attempt in February" - but we should be defending Taeyong?...I-


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AnonymousInsider1,128 pts Wednesday, April 29, 2020 30
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

So.... the bullying victim gets harassed into the ground and fans want the idol protected? ..... what?


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