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NCT's Taeyong allegedly apologizes to school bullying victim in person


According to an exclusive report by media outlet 'Wikitree' on October 12, NCT member Taeyong personally met up with the victim of his past school bullying controversy back on October 11. 

'Wikitree' stated that Taeyong headed over to meet his former middle school classmate immediately after returning to Korea on October 11, after wrapping up his overseas promotions with SuperM. 'Wikitree' media reporters were also present at the sight, observing the apology. 

Previously, Taeyong became wrapped up in several accounts of school bullying rumors, after one former middle school classmate stepped up to reveal that she was subject to verbal bullying from Taeyong. First, posts surfaced online revealing that Taeyong was seen making offensive remarks about the victim's weight in several group photos via an online cafe. The victim then also accused Taeyong of taking part in group bullying, to which other classmates allegedly confirmed.

Then most recently, Taeyong was accused of writing "offensive" remarks toward a fellow gay classmate. However, this particular victim came forward some time after the controversy to clarify that he was good friends with Taeyong at the time, and so he was not offended. 

When the victim came face to face with Taeyong on October 11, 'Wikitree' reports that she burst into tears and could not calm down for approximately an hour. Afterward, the two parties began to discuss the controversy, and Taeyong is reported to have said, "I'm disappointed that it's the first time in a long time seeing my old friends, but it's due to something like this. In truth, I've never been able to rest easy from this incident. I regretted my actions numerous times, asking myself, 'Why did I do such things.'" 

After approximately 2 hours of discussion, the victim accepted Taeyong's sincere apology and chose to forgive him, according to 'Wikitree'. Taeyong apologized with, "I was someone who could not express myself well back then. I want to sincerely apologize for my thoughtless actions and words from my youth. I'm so sorry." The victim responded with, "Work hard in your promotions and take care of your health. I'll be cheering for you from afar." 

SM Entertainment is said to have also released a statement regarding Taeyong's personal meet-up with his old classmate. The label delivered through 'Wikitree',

"Recently, Taeyong personally apologized to friends whom he hurt with his immature words and actions during his middle school years. His friends accepted Taeyong's apology, and they parted ways after cheering on one another's future growths. Furthermore, Taeyong also relayed his words of apology to other friends whom he was unable to get in contact with. Even after this event, Taeyong will do his best to not forget about his past, but remain humble while growing as a righteous person. Thank you." 
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i-need-some-milk71 pts Saturday, October 12, 2019 13
Saturday, October 12, 2019

I'm so glad he apologized. I think that if the victim was able to forgive him, we should be as well. We've all done stupid things in our youth.


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wendie1198 pts Saturday, October 12, 2019 7
Saturday, October 12, 2019

To be honest. We all don't know Taeyong personally. So I can't say for sure what his real personality is like today. What I want to say to everyone down here is that - he did this during his middle school age so anywhere between 12 & 15. Guys, do you know how immature we were at that age. Yes, its not an excuse but all of you guys down here calling him names, degrading him. You do realize its cyber bullying as well. What makes you different from him now? He's an adult now and from observing people around him, everyone sees him as a hard working and good person. So your
comments are pretty much targetting Taeyong as a 12 or 15 year old kid. How are any of you guys better? I don't know how credible Wikitree is. To give them the benefit of doubt. We should give him a chance to prove himself. We have all done something we shouldn't had when we were young. I don't think Taeyong should be getting hate for something he's done in his early teens. Yes, he should be called out for it. But we also need to be understanding. Think about it. Someone that is now changed and is a better person. If you were to meet him today, would you be able to hate him for the things he had done in the past? I think to the girl, their meeting was more of getting closure. And again. We don't know the extend or details of how far his bullying went. I've always been on the larger side and I have heard multiple times people commenting on my weight. If I were to take that as bullying each time then, I probably be in deep depression now. Some people take people comments way to seriously that it boggles my mind.


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