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'Burning Sun' whistleblower to reveal identities of 'Nth Telegram Room' members


'Burning Sun' whistleblower Kim Sang Kyo has announced via Instagram that he would be going after the 'Nth Room Telegram' scandal next. 

Kim Sang Kyo helped the whole 'Burning Sun' scandal unfold after he reported his physical assault by the club, ultimately leading to the discovery of many scandals connected to 'Burning Sun' that are still being investigated today. Although he was harassed by South Korean police forces for releasing the news, he is now tackling the 'Nth Telegram Room' case and announced this via Instagram. 

The caption reads as follows: "This is Kim Sang Kyo. I will reveal videos as they are uploaded. I plan to do one press conference a day. When the power of authority is the weakest. When people are the strongest. I hope that the citizens will be able to make their own judgments based on the truth. Thank you." 

It seems like Kim Sang Kyo will be tackling the case himself with the help of other individuals. Many people suspect that high political figures are also tied into the scandal. Netizens are enraged at the light punishments given to those involved in Burning Sun and are praising Kim Sang Kyo for his actions, saying: 

"It must not be easy to do this. I support you!"

"If government officials and politicians are connected to this as suspected, there will be huge fallouts." 

Meanwhile, Kim Sang Kyo has elicited worry from many netizens about his well being as it's become increasingly obvious that the police were trying to silence him. Many citizens are distrustful of the government and are calling for change. 

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iSsopep2,405 pts Monday, April 6, 2020 3
Monday, April 6, 2020

WHAT IF he was in these gcs and now hes gonna act like he was there undercover and reveal the names, just like it was with burning sun, when he was kicked out because he was harrassing a female customer but sold this story as him protecting this girl from being r@ped. Its just his style, being a creep acting like a hero.


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Gackt_camui31 pts Monday, April 6, 2020 52
Monday, April 6, 2020

This is suspicious. How does he know about the people in this group? If he knew all along why not bring out during burning sun? Plus he's still in some investigative discrepancy because much ofhis testimony about burning sun couldn't be verified or proven soooo?


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