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Amber apologizes for her comments regarding an interaction between a black man and a police officer


Amber apologized for her comments about an interaction she saw online.

Recently, Amber was featured in a video where she was asked to react to a clip of a black man being told off by a police officer for eating on a subway platform. Her reaction, which can be found below, sparked anger from many, who thought she was just trying to make excuses.

Amber, however, did react quickly. Her full apology reads:

What do you think about what happened?

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For reference, this was in San Francisco where a man was approached by police for eating on a subway platform. There are signs indicating eating is not allowed in the station.

Now I doubt many of you have ever rode on the system called BART, but understand, the trains are dirty with trash, drug paraphernalia, food waste and yes, even human waste. It is foul.

So the transit police were instructed to start enforcing the rules with more earnest because the problem has gotten so bad that the escalators are not working because the gears get gummed up with food, trash and literal shit.

The man was going to be given a citation and when he was asked for his id, the man refused to produce his ID. The man launched into an angry tirade including homophobic and racial epithets toward the transit officer and as a result of his behavior was not allowed to leave the scene.

He was placed in cuffs, but was arrested nor was he beaten, tased etc. and was eventually released without charges and received an apology from the transit authority's general manager. The apology was not accepted and now the man is suing the city.

Whether or not the incident was racially motivated is a matter of some debate, however the event went viral and attracted national attention from social justice activists and has gotten to the point where now it has reached kpop idols.


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26 days ago

You definitely are not allowed to eat on the BART platform or trains in the SF Bay Area. But people do it anyway and that is one reason the trains are absolutely disgusting (aside from the homeless and/or drugged up people making the trains their home and peeing in them).

The guy shouldn't have been arrested, but people have been complaining about the poor conditions in the stations and trains. Now that the rules are being enforced, people are trying to make it into a race issue.


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