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SM Entertainment prepares separate memorial for fans to pay their condolences to Sulli


SM Entertainment will be preparing a separate memorial so that dear fans who loved Sulli can also visit and pay condolences, in light of the family's wishes to bid farewell to the singer/actress in privacy.

On October 15, SM Entertainment notified as follows:

"This is SM Entertainment. Sulli has left our side. We are struck with grief to deliver such sad news to fans.
Following the wishes of Sulli's family, we have prepared a place where the fans who have always cheered Sulli on and sent her their endless love and support can bid her farewell with a warm greeting, at the address below. 
Shinchon Severance Hospital, Funeral Hall #7 (Ground floor level 1)
From October 15 (4 PM - 9 PM) and October 16 (12 PM - 9 PM),
Fans can pay their condolences.
Once again, we express our deepest grief regarding the news." 

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yvangelica8,732 pts Tuesday, October 15, 2019 5
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I don't know, but I think SM should prepare a better team for his artist. I mean, it's true that the Knetz have many flaws, but they have to take better care of their artist, sue immediately, and protect them at all costs. They should have professionals at hand, who can better guide their artists. It's hard to be 20 years old, imagine having everyone criticizing you. In addition, we do not know the pressures that the agency itself exerts on them. For me, that jonghyun and sulli have been artists of SM, and in the short time of both events, it causes me a little doubt about the quality of treatment by the agency. This is my personal opinion.


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sj13eliever100 pts Tuesday, October 15, 2019 2
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I understand that people have been saying that SM being such as big company should have done more to prevent such things from happening. But if we look at another point of view, SM is huge. They can't get as personal down to the artist for management. They might have been trying hard to put in place some measurements but what are the possibilities of them being really able to connect with their artist on personal level. They have hundreds of artistes (singers, actors, models, comedians, hosts, etc) and other hundreds of trainees, mostly underage, struggling to make a debut at one of the top celebrity companies. The managers doesn't stay with the artistes for long too after they get promoted, or sometimes manage multiple artistes at once. This is a flaw of large management. And it's because of this reason that Boa was appointed non-executive director of SM who helps junior artistes in resolving their personal mental issues if they aren't able to communicate through their managers and staff ( as explained in one of her interviews), because she was an artiste that started since really young, and could most probably understand the struggle of the teenagers. Everyone in the industry is so busy, esp the artistes themselves travelling so frequently, that its honestly quite tough for them to be constantly in contact to keep a look on one another. The most direct interaction they get is with their members, fans and internet. If the internet was a little kinder to them, I believe it would have been a very different outcome.

Instead of putting blame on SM, people should start reflecting on themselves. What difference does it make btw us and the malicious commenters if we were to put the blame now on someone or some company, when we do not know whether they might have tried to help. SM has already allowed her to sit out of f(x) and reduce her public exposure in due of her situation. But people are attacking her based on private life decisions, like hanging out with friends.

Now I'm just gald that they also respected fans who really wished to send her of by setting up a memorial, and I hope no one leaks any footage of the whole funeral as due her family's wishes.


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