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National Assembly to open subcommittee and review new law against malicious comments, the 'Sulli Law'


According to reports on October 16, approximately 9 members of South Korea's National Assembly have agreed to forward a bill seeking the installation of a new bill against malicious comments.

Nicknamed the 'Sulli Law', this new bill aims to enforce strict rules against malicious comments under anonymous titles. A subcommittee will gather to review details and clauses within the 'Sulli Law' some time in early December, on the 49th day after the late singer/actress Sulli's passing. 

Representatives from the National Art and Culture Association, the Celebrity Soccer Association, the National Labor Union of Entertainment Employees, the Korean Government Employees' Union, as well as celebrities who have suffered from malicious comment terrors in the past and their acquaintances will be attending the subcommittee, set to be held at the National Assembly Center.

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StephanieA802 pts Tuesday, October 15, 2019 19
Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I hate that people always fucking wait for the worst to happen before any action is taken. This was a person BEGGING for her life to be saved, and nobody did anything until afterwards. Shame on everyone involved in killing her fr... Hopefully they really take action and prevent this in the future.


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stevekpoprock353 pts Wednesday, October 16, 2019 0
Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I agree with a new bill to defend all innocent idols and any innocent people from malicious comments, but please, have to be careful when formulating that new bill/law.

This new bill/law could be used maliciously by wicked idols or any wicked person to cover up their crimes or guilt and live a happy life without anyone being able to accuse or criticize them with hard words, we all know that not all idols/person are good, there are idols/person with perverse minds, there are idols/persons who has no respect for human beings or any other living being, there are such narcissistic, so selfish and hypocritical idols/persons too. Let's remember a case when a male idol raped a girl, the victim accused him, some tried to support her, but his fans fiercely protected him, he pretended to be innocent and continued to work as an idol, gaining money, popularity and fans, but it was the hard Knetz who perhaps with their harsh comments and unorthodox comments who made it possible that his crime can to be discovered, and can to be investigated and that he leaved the group , he was found guilty by the laws, but if the Knetz had never been so rude and hard on someone so liar and so narcissistic like him, he would still claim to be innocent, his fans would have excused him and unconditionally protected him, and he wouldn't have left the group. and if this new law had existed at the time, perhaps his lawyer could use this law to protect him, and silence the hard comments of the Knetz calling them "malicious comments" in order to silence them. Even in politics it can be used perversely this new law so that no one criticizes harshly any corrupt politician, because knetz could be accused of "malicious comments" and maybe/probably even go to jail for that.



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