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Insider reveals BTS Jungkook's previously rumored girlfriend is still suffering aftermath of rumors


An insider has revealed BTS Jungkook's previously rumored girlfriend, tattoo artist 'A', is still suffering from the aftermath of the rumors.

This past September, Big Hit Entertainment denied Jungkook and 'A' were in a relationship after photos of the two made their way online. She later personally denied the rumors and spoke up about the harassment she was receiving since the rumors hit headlines. 

On October 22, an acquaintance of 'A' spoke to YTN Star about 'A's current situation, stating, "'A' is extremely stressed. I think it's amazing she didn't take her own life. They're totally draining her and cursing at her over things that haven't even been confirmed." The insider continued, "I think it's right to see them not as malicious commenters but as criminals. It's to the point that average non-celebrities like us could think of bad things. I hope there are measures [to fight this planned] or real-name online IDs are made." 

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22 days ago

Seriously I don't understand why these ppl are shitting on her? First of all, it was Jungkook who hugged her from the photo, not something she did by herself. Second, do you think Jungkook will have friends after this accident, especially non celebrity ones? Probably not. Last of all, this is just bringing a bad name to our fandom and Jungkook would never openly express himself to fans knowing what they can do.


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HSK1,344 pts 22 days ago 0
22 days ago

Fighting~ I hope she has the right people around her, supporting her.

Sad, how trolls and antis can make your life a mess - thanks to the anonymity of the internet.



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