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Posted by 16minty-65 pts Sunday, October 20, 2019

Happy 4th Anniversary Twice


Dear Twice, 

before I even knew what KPOP was, I was already attracted to your music. You we're my first girl group and the ones who changed my opinion on them. 

Nayeon, I think you're a brave and lovable person. I love your visuals and you always add something special to performances. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Jeongyeon, the queen of short hair. You and Jihyo have some of the best vocals that I've heard. I love how you're different and have your own style. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Momo, you're a great dancer, if I'm gonna be honest your the whole reason why I wanna start dancing. I wanna be just like you. You have great stage presence and when you rap, its out of this world. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Sana, I love you so much. You have unique visual and voice. And like Nayeon you add something special. I know you faced a lot of criticism this year for the wrong reasons. I hope you're okay and that you feel a lot better. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Jihyo, I love you a lot too. I love your vocals and stage presence. Like Momo, your an amazing dancer. On top of that a great leader. Twice is lucky to have such a great leader. You had your privacy invaded this year but I hope its all good. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Mina, I know you're going through A LOT right now. Anxiety and maybe a lot of other issues too. I hope your okay. Our fandom loves you and Twice isn't Twice without you. I also wanna thank you for your effort to appear in the Feel Special music video. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Dahyun, your such a softie. You're a great rapper and person in general. You rock green hair like its nothing and carry some of my favorite lines in Fancy, Likey, and other songs I probably can't think off right now. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Chaeyoung, I honestly love everything about you. You're a great rapper and like Jeongyeon have your own style. You live on edge and are different. I admire that so much. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Tzuyu, our maknae, you're a great person in general. You have good stage presence and amazing visuals. Like when I say amazing I really mean amazing. We all love you a lot and I still can't believe you're 20. Happy 4th Anniversary~

Finally. Twice, together you guys are one of the strongest girl groups. Not to mention the nations girl group. You deserve that title and anything good that comes your way. I hope you continue to make people happy and inspire them. We love you a lot and you guys are great. Thank you for being Twice. 

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