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Netizens are in love with X1 member Jo Seung Youn's solo discography as WOODZ


Some of you may know him as X1's well-rounded energizer Jo Seung Youn, while some of you may know him as UNIQ's Seungyoun. But there's also another side to this X1/UNIQ member that many Korean netizens are just discovering - solo artist WOODZ!

Back on September 12, one netizen wrote on an online community,

"I recently listened to Jo Seung Youn's WOODZ songs... and he really gave off the vibe of an 'artist'... His songs are totally my style. I liked 'Pool' the most, the 'pop pop' noises were really nice." 

Other netizens couldn't wait to express their agreements, as they began naming some of their favorite WOODZ songs!

Some who also named "Pool" feat. Sumin as their favorite WOODZ song said, "OMG I love the 'pop pop' sounds its so nice TT", "'Pool' is soooo my type, and he sings it hella good live too", "Please listen to 'Pool' people!", "'Pool' is so damn good. One day Seungyoun better be writing X1 songs", and such. 

There were others who chose WOODZ's "Different" as their favorites. They commented, "I love 'Different'. I go insane every time I hear 'I'm dying because of you' TT", "I strongly recommend 'Different'", "OMG I listen to 'Different' like every day", "'Different' is also killer live, please watch the live version", etc.

There were netizens who named Babylon x WOODZ's "Drive", composed by Eden, as they remarked, "If you've never heard 'Drive' you're completely missing out... Jo Seung Youn comes in after the one minute mark and he kills it for reals", "'Drive' seriously drives me crazy", "I love 'Drive', every single part of the lyrics makes me cry", and more. 

There's also WOODZ's "Meaningless", a favorite of netizens who commented, "I freaking love listening to 'Meaningless' while reading the lyrics TT", "I listened to this song so much when I was having a hard time, you can really relate to the lyrics", "'Meaningless' is the best song to listen to in the fall TT", and more. 

Others still named some tracks that WOODZ had a hand in producing or composing, including ONF's "Ice & Fire", Park Ji Min's "Pick Up The Phone", GroovyRoom's "This Night", and more. Have you heard any of X1 member Jo Seung Youn's discography as WOODZ?

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rc101 (Banned)85 pts Friday, September 13, 2019 0
Friday, September 13, 2019

The guy has worked hard for so long and is so talented. It's great to see him finally get recognition.

Just shows how success has more to do with marketing.



kyraangelfae01536 pts Friday, September 13, 2019 0
Friday, September 13, 2019

they slept on him for so dam long im kinda mad they are only now realizing how talented he is and how great his music is ive been his fan since uniq days and im still following the their other members activities in china most of them are drama actors now with really great shows i swear Korean fans dont know what good unless they hit in the face with it those songs came out ages ago also his collab songs back when he was Luizy are dope too but still im glad people are finally starting to notice him



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